Cucky wannabee? Stroker in NY – Masturbate on Command! Or just a little dick needing Ms. Mandy’s Humiliation? Call Ms. Mandy for phone sex humiliation 1-877-732-6360

Masturbate on Command, is a stroker that I am in control of, the nickname comes from the fact that I am training him to cum on my command.  Pretty cool huh?  His girlfriend is going to go off to grad school, and Stroker has been trying to abstain, since I told him not to have an orgasm, since he called last..  He is doing a very good job.  He will be serving me more once she moves out.  He wants me to own and control him. We used some lunch meat last time, he is not worthy of a woman’s pussy.  He loves the idea of Ms. Mandy controlling his clit.  Not big enough to be a cock. We can call it a penis, not a Cock.  Insinuates small… penis..  not sex, clinical, a reference term to talk about his clit!

Likes the fact that he is not allowed to cum.  I like using different forms of humiliation.  Not bi curious, or femme, likes toys, and other forms.  We can use some toys, he wants more humiliation. I suggested, that he go to a bar, and tell a woman that he is not very well endowed.  He is good looking, he said that would not be edgy enough. I said, well ask her if she would look at his cock, and judge the size.
He is going to get a camera to perform for me online. Likes to be creatively submissive. I am going to send his pic to one of my girlfriend’s to see if she thinks his little clit is little!
He needs me to confirm his theory that he is under endowed. He needs to be deprived of being with a real woman. Needs to focus on the fact that he is not going to be with a woman,since his is not capable of satisfying a woman. He only gets turned on by being humiliated. He can’t get an erection when he is faced with having sex.
I want him to try to have sex with a woman, and not allow himself to have an erection. He does not deserve to, because his small, inadequate. Not capable of satisfying, a woman, my voice will remind him, that he might want to have sex, but he can’t, and the woman needs to meet another guy. She would know she needs a man that can satisfy her. And Stroker needs understand that he won’t be with a woman, since his not adequate.
Going to take off his clothes now. I am going to humiliate him. Sent him a dandy picture of me, to see if I can make his pathetic penis soft, to prove his is inadequate. Having him hump a pillow for me tonight!  Going to stay limp with other girls, and aspire to Ms. Mandy’s pussy only.

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