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I have turned MY Slave in the UK turned into sissy cuckold.  Should it be, sissy, cuckold cock sucking wimp?  This loser is now buying feminine things to amuse his Mistress Mandy. Have to say having a hilarious time doing so.  We had talked about this for a while, I did not know he was serious.  Our sessions have progressed over the years.  For a while we did regular domination sessions, then he started calling himself a loser, which is pretty funny, because, while I would watch him on webcam, I did not know he had a small cock, because of the angle of the webcam. Here is a tip for you real men out there, or not so real.  If you are trying to impress a girl on webcam, and no matter what size your dick is, if your cock is in front of the camera, and then you are way behind, or laying back, the cock will seem twice it’s size. I had no idea loser piggy slut cuckold wimp, as I will now refer to slave, had this small cock, till one day, I had him hold the ruler under it.  Then it was laughs all the way.

Our session before last was very amusing, on webcam of course, as I usually do like to watch my cock.  He was dressed up for me a loser in pink panties and pink thigh highs, is now to be trained to be my
cuckold sissy whore.   He has gone to the effort of buying a pink dildo in silicone, and a matching pink butt plug, pink panties and thigh highs. Have to tell you the funniest part was what came next, the  sexy pink lacey halter dress top.  He sort of surprised me with it,  he had part of it showing, when the camera was in full view, it was a lacey halter dress, over his pink panties, and thigh highs.

He of course is now inspired to become a sissy cuckold whore. My new sissy cuckold – I have named her sissy lacey, from the
UK.   I love this butt plug and dildo in pink, so pretty, pink top, pink panties,
pink stockings, got to get lacey a lipstick .. oh boy!!

Sissy fucking cuckold, you fucking whore!   Sucking rubber pink dildo, and
making me laugh.  Going to show everyone this !!   See thru top, sissy lacey has
tits..  Making her show me outfit, her little dick is big with the camera and the lacey pink panties.
I forgot to mention that she had on 2 silver cock rings that
are choking MY cock, I suggested that she take them off, and she said that she could not get them off because my cock and balls were too swollen.  This was due to the fact that I had not allowed her a release
in a while. oh well..

I love this, all this pink, stockings, dress, toys, all pink, sooo pretty,
getting a huge dose of humiliation from me.   Telling me she has pre cum, I have sissy lacey rub the pink dick over the head of my cock and  lick it up.  Next she was lubing up pink butt plug and also, sucking on big dildo like a cock sucking
sissy! Watching him put the butt plug in Lacey’s pussy!
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