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Those of you wanting cum eating instructions,  and joi instructions you certainly have found the right place.  I have a new devotee who has been reading my blog and saw all the cum eating phone sex articles, he said that doing so, really made him hard.  The idea of getting his legs and shooting his cum in his own mouth, made him very excited. When  he first started calling me, he said he thinks about it, but he could not get himself to do it. I told him, that I would be able to help him.  He was skeptical, but actually he ate his own cum, that very first call. He knows it is O/our secret, but also all you readers know also, he likes it most because it is degrading and humiliating. The excitement starts when he picks up the phone.  He likes the degradation and the humiliation and then he feels guilty and ashamed afterward. The guilt and shame makes him want to do it again. He has a good relationship with a woman, once in a while he gets a kinky urge and calls, me because  I make him do dirty things, and he thinks it is a turn on. He likes to call me and I can make him do it, he never thought I could actually make him do it but I can and did.

This next step I told cum eater in Wi,  is that I am going to make like and enjoy eating his own cum, and now he does seem to like to eat it, and he says that since he keeps calling me he must like it now.  Total humiliation! He likes me to make him confess how much he likes eating his cum for me. His cock is hard and full of cum. The cum of course is what he is going to be eating for me. He likes putting his legs over his head, because then, there is no backing out. He sees the cum shooting out of his cock into his mouth. No choice for cum eater in Wi!
He says that he likes to have no choice. Legs up over head, a facial or a mouthful! He says I am very persausive and I make him eat his cum. He never eats his cum unless he calls me. Finds it very exciting to call me, otherwise he has no urge to cum in his mouth.
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xoxo’s Mistress Mandy