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Mandy’s new story… Kisses and Denial

Had a lot of fun calls over the weekend, I have a new slut into some really hot humiliation, and I had a ball, getting him to do dirty things for me.

BTW.. have any of you tried using a plastic baggy full of lotion, to put over your c*** while you are masturbating? I am told it feels just like a pussy.

Had a few really delicious new callers this weekend, that I had such fun with. One guy really got me totally turned on, I had total control, and had him masturbating for me for about an hour. He would pump, and I would stop him, he was begging me in such a pleading way it was so endearing.

I also talked to toyboy this weekend, My naughty boy called today and wanted some advice on masturbating, So I decided to give him a good cock stroking lesson.  We started by me having him lube up and stoke for me. Than I had him stop. Then I had him use a dildo, lube it up good, and stroke at the same time.

Hands off that cock, and just some dildo play…a good session of teasing and denial. Until he begged me to let him come.

He even suggested that Dr. Val and I give him an examination.

Toyboy is such a fun slut, he is making a f***ing machine, and I am going to be the one to turn on the switch once he gets it going.

I have to mention that my friend in Texas, SUCH a sweetie pie, has been around lately, it is so good to get a chance to talk to him, I love knowing he is my friend, he always brings a smile to my face with I think about him.

And of course Jeff, you know how I love to have him masturbate for me, I love his legs over his head, which he has not been doing lately, and also, he had a very strange dream not sure if he wants me to print it out, so I am going to hold off on that one. It was totally hot though, I think he ate too many hot peppers before he went to bed. I am hoping for a legs over the head session soon.

All tied up Part 1 and Part 2 – Written by Ms. Mandy

Decided to repost part one of this story, if you have not read it, you can start here, if you have, I will put a little dividing line below, for the start of part 2...

Here is an interesting little fantasy... I will run this one by you guys ... does it make you all excited to see your wife with an other guy? Do you think you could do it or would you have to be restrained? Even though you want it, you need it force upon you, don't you? So here is a little scenario.....After constantly begging ...


Darcy and I went to the Mall today. It was raining and we went and bought some new strapy sandals, and panties at Victoria's Secret. I had to come home, because I have been getting a lot of phone sex calls lately, and had some really hot ones, I am going to talk about them now, to let you know, what fun I have been having.. ...