Loser Piggy Dan is my Human ATM! Sent me pic of his loser ant eater cock! Call Ms. Mandy for humiliation phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

Guess what loser’s?  MY Human ATM  aka Loser Piggy Pet Dan, sent me a picture of his loser cock!  He had a lot of nerve doing that since it does look like an anteater!  He wanted me to post it on here….   if any of you loser’s out there (or beautiful women who do read my blog, and keep behind the scenes) want to see it. Email me, and I will send it to you!  It is little, very thin, on a bed of curly black hair, it is uncirucumcised, that’s right – he has an uncircumcised cock, little that it may be!  I made him pay me just for looking at it.  He is paying my gym membership, monthly, he is getting a second job so that he can send me that money too!  I thought it would be a good idea.  Second job, send the money to Ms. Mandy! He has no choice since he is addicted to Ms. Mandy!  He is a total loser piggy, I am going to use him  more, fuck him over, he is my loser pet!   He is sending me some $ right now!  Good boy, Loser Piggy Dan, I own and control you, you are my Human Atm!  You are going into poverty loser, financial ruin for you!

xoxo’s Ms.
PS. he is such a loser, he does not even get to do phone session’s, he is going to send me a video, of him humiliating himself!