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Cuckold Sex with Manuel
A day at the beach…

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated you on my exploits, but so much has been going on.. Oh my goodness, you have no hectic it has been. The traffic down the Garden State Parkway has been so heavy, Darcy and I have been traveling back and forth, we have been stuck on there in traffic, the better part of the morning more then once, it is getting old. It is mainly because I have to keep going back to my house, as they are painting it. There is a crew there, the guys are sort of on the young side, a few too young for me. But, then there is Manuel. He is more than hot. Darcy even likes him, and she is a lesbian. Manuel, is a blonde guy with a Spanish accent, he is very white gorgeous teeth, and reminds me of Ricky Martin, who is a favorite of mine.

He wears these super tight jeans, no shirt, and I have no idea, how he climbs up and down the ladder to paint for me, to paint my 4 story house. They are first having to get the dirt off before they can paint, I think that he and the crew will be here almost until Labor Day. Not that I will mind, looking at his handsome face, and hot bod! Darcy has been giving me a hard time, because, I keep wanting to go check on the house, She claims I want to check on Manuel. Maybe it is a little of both.

The other day was really weird, cause we were on our way back to my house, it was late, my husband, had already left for his business trip. He wanted no part of listening to me complain about the painters. He packed his bag, and got ready for a long stay elsewhere, secretly I was happy, because now I had Manuel to dream about. You know, I was getting really bored. The summer house has so many of the same pretty faces, I need some more exotic, to warm my already hot summer up!

Manuel I thought could just be the thing to make my summer sizzle a little bit more. He is so tall, about 6’4″, crystal green eyes, like a cat, and that smile, with the curly lip corners, that I oh so love. He has taken to ask me a lot of questions, that don’t seem to need to be asked, of course, I keep inviting him into the house for cold drinks. I think the weather decided to get extra hot, the day I hired this crew. Manuel does not seem bothered by the heat either. I had a feeling, that if given the chance Manuel would be able to keep up with me, he had the heat under control already. I like a man with long staying power, able to please and satisfy me, and spend hours making love to me.

My husband on the other hand, likes to be submissive to me. I think that being submissive, he craves my attention, he loves when I pay attention to him, and have him masturbate for me, I know he prefers masturbating to having actual sex, he likes to watch me on occasion, (that is when I let him) I love having a large cock for him to see me get satisfied by. Before he left on business, one of the guys from our beach gang, came over, I have to say that Cliff is a hunk, he agreed to have my hubby in the room. I was not sure how the evening would turn out, as some guys, think they can have a third wheel in the room only to find, that they just can’t keep it up. I HATE that, I mean, I go to the trouble to get ready, which means, all day, deciding what I am going to wear, getting my hair, makeup, nails, shoes, everything ready. AND THEN… low and behold the guy can’t get a hard on, cause my husband is there. What I try to do now, is schedule it after the gym, (first time that is) So, I come home, I let hubby fix themselves drinks, (you all know that I DO NOT drink), then I take a shower, I can use the gym as an excuse, this way if the guy can’t get it going, I can just put my nightie on, and go to bed. So much for that. Now, if it turns out, that he can perform in front of my husband,then I make plans, for the 3 of us to go out on the following weekend, somewhere fun for dancing and good food and laughs, then when we come home, it is the best of both worlds. My hubby gets to sit and watch, and relax, and I can have my fun. All are satisfied, I guess the guy having me is happy too, don’t you think?

Getting back to Manuel. I was not having to worry about hubby wanting to watch us, as he will be gone for a couple of weeks, giving me time to get the house ready for the fall, and have my fun, with my new delicious toy boy. Manuel, has taken the hint, he lingers around me like a sexy puppy dog. I had my first kiss with him the other day. I saw absolute Stars! He put his sexy, muscled arms around me, and slowly kissed my neck, driving me nuts. Then he kissed me on my lips…. the rest is history…

At first he was a little concerned that I am a married lady, I managed to convince him, that I have an open situation with my husband, meaning I tell him, up front if I am going to have sex with another man. In fact, I told my hubby before he left, that he should take my turquoise panties, and have them on, because I would have sex with Manuel Saturday night, and hubby is to call me from his hotel room, I will have the phone on my pillow, and hubby is going to be able to listen. I am more then looking forward to this. I am so happy such a handsome guy showed up to paint my house. I will keep you all posted, and no Darcy, you can’t have him!

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