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Sissy brenna likes my sissy phone sex, and also enjoys guided masturbation phonesex, especially designed for gurls who enjoy cross dressing.  I do so enjoy a cross dresser as it turns Ms. Mandy on.  Sissy brenna is now in a new relationship.  Sissy brenna and I go way back, she is quite the sissy whore, I like dressing her up and having her look like Sharon for me.  She has many items of clothing as she likes to cross dress, and also has some new gurl friends.  From time to time she goes clubbing to clubs that have transgender type entertainment, I would love to go along with the “gurls” and have some fun with them. Brenna has sent me a link of one place that she enjoys.

She has gone through many phases. Brenna has told me an interesting
story which I really enjoyed hearing about her journey into fetish land,
and how she got into the fetish world, she is very amazing. She tried to be open with her mate at one point, but her girlfriend just was not into it.  Taking her to other places, such as a sissy maid. I met brenna in her sissy maid period, she has full maid attire and has been featured on sites dressing in a sissy maid outfit, and has been spanked for not doing her chores as she should.

I have had her put on makeup, and do enjoy hearing her travels in the fetish world, and being a sissy slut.  Recently she has a liaison with another sissy gurl, but apparently that has not worked out, because they were both bottoms.

Now brenna has yet to find another sexy encounter, it is not her first with a couple. Now the Mistress has brenna fucking her, (yes, the Mistress is being fucked by sissy brenna!)  in front of her husband, it is a cuckold sort of situation.  I can not imagine a sissy fucking a Mistress. However, everything kinky is good!   This  Mistress has put brenna in a chastity device, and keeps a butt plug in her as well.  Not to sure a Mistress would (or should) fuck a bottom, but that is what  we have here. It is sort of humorous..  Mistress is trying to make brenna
not a gurl, not sure that I like that, cause I love sissy gurls more
then anything, however, I would love brenna in any form. I am told she
likes brenna’s big cock, and also plans on her doing house work. That
sounds gurly, so we shall see….

brenna had this to say about the situation. 
sissyb: Love your last post about me. The new mistress  is going to use me twice a week, and I will be chastised when not being used
Mandie Parker: great!!!!
sissyb: I feel kinda weird about this
Mandie Parker: What do you mean? What will she do?
sissyb: She has me fuck her
Mandie Parker: thats strange
sissyb: Her husband watches, eventually I am to move in with them
Mandie Parker: where do they live is it far from you?
sissyb:  about 30 miles,  she will totally control me
Mandie Parker: so how do you feel about all this
sissyb: Excited but scared. It is so wrong to be fucking a Domme.  She has me wearing my plug to bed tonight
Mandie Parker: sounds intriguing, but I  did not think you would be having sex with her
Mandie Parker: what does hubby do?
sissyb: He watches…