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Yes, I am very fond of cuckolding and cuckold phone sex sessions. Are you a sissy cuckold in pink panties?   That is so cool if you are, because I enjoy reminding and explaining to cuckolds, cuckies, sissy’s, wimps, losers at times,  why they are cuckold wimps. You need to know and understand that you don’t deserve sex, not even with your girlfriend or wife because you are a small-dicked loser, or under endowed, or just not a real man.  This is the reason that you feel that you deserve to be humiliated for being weak and inadequate.  I will up it a notch, and let you know that you don’t even deserve to cum.

I hope that this will help you adjust to your new role as sissy cuckold in pink panties.  Putting a big smile on Ms. Mandy’s face.   Since I do not permit sissy cuckolds to cum, it will be extra humiliating for you when you get rock hard when you watch your wife get satisfied by a real man!  Even your pathetic boner can’t hide in pink panties.

I am sure you like it that I will have fun humiliating you for it. After all, it is all about me. you might hear me say.. Awww does loser like watching his wife get plowed by a real man, when he is not allowed to even cum?

Go ahead and rub it my sissy cuckold in pink panties.  I did not say you could not stroke it, just that you are not allowed to cum!  It is best when you are worked up weak and horny.  Horny for what you can’t have.   Awwww, poor loser!  You need to call me for some sexy re-programming.  Call me with your hard-on in hand and I will tell you what sexy outfits you can get me for my fuck sessions with my real man boyfriend!  Don’t worry, we will order an extra pair of pink panties for you.

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