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For those of you new to my blog, Woodsman is a real life cuckold. He lives the lifestyle, all his relationships have landed him in a submissive cuckold relationship. I have many blog posts about him, click in the category area, to read what a cuckold pussy boy  he is!  He recently had been living with his ex wife, who brought her He Man, boyfriend to live with them. Woodsman’s house was no longer his own.  He couldn’t even be a strokerboy!  He eventually landed in chastity, and he was pretty miserable..

Everyone left cuckold Woodsman.  That being his ex-wife and Markus her boyfriend, they up and moved out, and she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby.  Woodsman is looking for a new woman. He told me that he got laid.  Can you believe this? I couldn’t, because he is really not a man, he is pathetic and not very well endowed, with his 3 inch loser dick.  So can you gress with who?  With an exotic dancer who he had to pay for sex, that makes her a prostitute, that was all he could get.  I should have known, poor Woodsman is just not a real man!

I asked Woodsman, so how was the sex?  He told me that he did not last long but he liked it.. this is because he has not had sex in seven years.. oh intercourse… that is.. what a loser.  I asked for details of course.  He told me that she took her clothes off, and then he gave her oral sex, paid her first of course, then he took his clothes off, and she snickered when she saw his “very” little manhood.  She took her hand? Or should I say… fingers, and stroked his little 3 incher, then she slid it inside of her. Go figure, I would never guess that Woodsman would have been out having sex with a hooker, pretty funny, oh yes, and told me she was very pretty!I then asked him, could she feel it? Woodsman did not seem to care, he just wanted to get laid, and he loved the part, where she had her legs around him.  Liked it so much that he said it took all of 3 minutes. She made one comment about his size, she told him “you don’t have much to work with.”

She sounds nice, I thought and asked Woodsman if he was going to see her again?  He replied.. “No, I am not even going to tell you how much he paid for her.”  I will make you all guess, because it was a huge amount, no wonder she was pretty. He told me that he has gotten his pension, so he has some cash to call Ms. Mandy again. I am happy about this, I love listening to Woodsman’s latest exploits, he always has something going on! He wanted to know if he was a cuckold. He told me now he feels he is a sub. I think he is first a cuckold then a sub.  Why does he think he is a sub? Cause he will do whatever the girl says.. because, he says doesn’t want to lose the girl.  He watched one woman’s kids (that he was dating) so that she could go out with her boyfriend.  He has absolutely no confidence, because, he is a loser with a little dick.  His ex, told him, “thank you,” she wants to start her life with Markus. Woodsman can’t satisfy anyone with his little cock, he has to give oral, and they have to be satisfied. NOT! 

Ok, so what are Woodsmans plans for the future.  He will be out looking for a new girl, getting a new job, and making a start fresh. I am sure there will be some interesting stories to tell me now.. I am sure you will all want to hear about it as well.  And, he want’s to be my sub.  Wants to serve me.. so sending him out to buy some panties.  Making Woodsman into a panty boy  for me!  Says he does not want to wear them. He says he wants is verbal sub.  I am sending him out to meet a girl this weekend.  AND…No cumming for this little dick LOSER!   Let’s see if he can get laid for free this time!  I can’t really picture this, but you never know.
Ok, so here is the deal, this new job will be for extra cash, this way he can call Ms. Mandy more!  He is getting a job as a cleaning person, (he told me there are limited jobs available in his area)  so that he can call me every week.  And start looking for a girl.. He won’t have a lot of money from this job, but ex wife took ALL his money. 

Oh the best is that he wishes he was my boyfriend!  “JUST A FANTASY,” he has a 3 inch clitty. You all know, that I would never have sex with him!  Soo….. I am going to take charge of Woodsman’s life, he will call me next week with an update.. wanted to know last time I had sex, told him last night, with my boyfriend. My hubby is locked up in chastity. No pussy for him.  I told Woodsman he could cum when he hears this audio, (but I was supposed to put this up a week ago!  Whoops!  Sorry Woodsman!  No more cumming for him!  Says he like to beat off 4 times a day?  No more of that either, I am in control now.