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Sissy phone sex is the best way for cross dresser’s and sissies to play without getting caught.  That is of course unless you want to get caught. I do have some sissy’s that love the excitement of going out to a public place and doing a humiliating task, only to be found out for real.  You can be trained and humiliated by Me, and you will be embarrassed and happy.  I will make your sissy dreams cum true.  Your little clit will be excited as I use and take control of you.  You will be driven into a web of excitement and sissy joy.  Get your panties ready and lube, call Mistress Mandy for your sissy training.  I like to do dress up, cum eating fantasies, humiliation for those needing to be degraded by a real Mistress.  Small penis humiliation – SPH –  is always a good way to start the day for a little dick loser.   Tiny cock humiliation can be added into a domination call or a sissy type session.  I will listen carefully to what you have to share, I do not force my way into a session.  I need to know what it is you need, before I can be fully amused.

Dear Mistress Mandy,

As you commanded me to do, I am writing to report on my progress with becoming a sissy faggot. Thanks to you I am making a great deal of progress. Our weekly 30 minute sessions teach me so many important things about being a sissy faggot. And your forceful control of my actions is so incredibly arousing. When I think of you during the day my penis tingles, and it gets stiff. And you know what else??!! Precums leaks out of the tip of my penis. Don’t worry, I always unzip my pants so I can stick my finger in to get the precum on my finger and lick it off. Just as you commanded me to do. Last week when I was having lunch at the pizza shop, I think the waitress saw me reach under the table and then lick my finger. I felt so sexy !! But anyway, I have so much to tell you tell about my sissy faggot things. I will write to you again tomorrow, because right now I am so excited that I have to masturbate my penis and make it squirt semen. Good night Mistress Mandy.

Yours truly,

Sissy Faggot Billie

P.S. I sucked a man’s penis today. And he squirted semen in my hair and in my mouth. Yum yum 🙂