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Ms sissy maid brenna is my slut.  I like to do sissy panty boy phone sex.  All ties in with cross dressing, cock sucking, and humiliation.  Humiliation I am a fan of that!  As most of you know, I love to do kinky and nasty things to dirty boys.  Sissy brenna –  I have been training her for a long time,
She has a section devoted just to her on my personal website.  Sissy Phone Sex Brenna – and she has been expanding her horizons lately by venturing out and doing new and exciting things, I will post two instant messages from her, and you will see what a fucking cock sucking whore she is.   I do like when she dresses up for me on webcam and I can watch her, bounce on a dildo, she can take a lot in her pussy, also she can deep throat like a real cock sucker, a natural.  I give her sissy training, makeup, and clothing advice, I need to help her with some on line shopping.  I like to see her dressed up, she has quite the wardrobe, she has sexy legs, and eyes, and makes them up expertly now. I also like that she walks around on the hard wood floors in her slut pumps, for me to hear her.   She reminds me of Sharon Stone, I sometimes call her Sharron.  Here is one instant message from her… very hot. I will post another session below this one..

msbrenna: I have been well and turning into a real slut
Mandie Parker: doing what
msbrenna: I have gone to the book store / video arcade 3 times and have been fucked buy 6 men now
Mandie Parker: omg
msbrenna: then I went to a guy’s home he was naked on the couch with a blind fold on I gave him a bj to try to get him hard enough to fuck me but he did not get hard enough
msbrenna: the book store was not satisfying enough only one guy fucked me really well he was the first guy after that they cam too soon
msbrenna: I need to find a study bf to keep me well fucked
Mandie Parker: sounds like you are turning into a real slut brenna
msbrenna: I wish I would have done this years ago I orgasm better when fucked then when I am the one doing the fucking
Mandie Parker: good girl!
msbrenna: thank you ma’am
msbrenna: I wish I could become a cuckold for someone that would be heaven
Mandie Parker: yes”
msbrenna: I had a bisexual session 2 weeks ago ”

Mandie Parker: tell me msbrenna
I go to the studio dressed in my burgundy dress hose and heels, shortly after I got there there was  a tour of the dungeon
Mandie Parker: oh wow
msbrenna: after the tour I was tied to the spanking bench with my back on the bench an was given a bj, then I was  turned over and was forced to suck him off he was quit large, I was then taken to the bondage table tied down and he fucked me
it was so great.Mandie Parker: wowMandie Parker: you had a great
timeMandie Parker: so you must
be in cock heavenmsbrenna: the only way it could have been better was if I
kept my hose and bra on – I so need to be fucked again
Mandie Parker: good for you- yes you do!

xoxo’s Mistress Mandy

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