Woodsman returns for orgasm denial chastity and phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I had a wonderful surprise today.  My friend the Woodsman, a real life cuckold
guy phoned Ms. Mandy for some humiliation phone sex.
Woodsman had some news… he told me that he got married!
I asked him where they met.  He said they met in a video store,  they talked and went out a
few times and he said that they got along well.  She is 5′ 7″ with dark hair.  He told me that they had sex
before they got married, as you know Woodsman is small, very small. I wanted to know what happened when she first saw his
little dick. He told me that she was nice about it.  She tried to make light of it.  However,  Woodsman
realized she as disappointed, and of course, Karen had told him that things might have to change
in the future. So he was expecting it. He said why should she be different then
other girls, but he married her anyway.

Woodsman is always a good sport, told her that she could have a special
friend. This was before they got married, he had to let her have a real man, or
she would not marry him.  Karen his new wife, was introduced to a friend by one
of her girlfriend’s.  This guy is nice enough, Woodsman met him a couple of
times. The guy is not looking to get serious, and he knows about Woodsman.
Woodsman said Dean (the new guy) was uncomfortable with the situation at first, and he is younger at 24.
He comes over and leaves, sometimes he spends the night.The first time
Woodsman met him, Dean (the younger lover) asked him if he was sure it was ok.
Karen is very matter of fact, she gets naked and goes to the bedroom.  Woodsman
sleeps with Karen when Dean is not there, and they do not have sex. Dean does
not want Woodsman to have sex with Karen anymore. Karen has two kids, very young
ones.. Woodsman takes care of them, (sounds familiar) he is the babysitter. He
has custody of them, her x passed away.

Karen sometimes goes to Dean’s house. If she drinks she crashes there.
Woodsman has no sex anymore. He does not even get to watch them. She makes some
fun of his little cock. When he asks her for sex, she says, “would not be fair
to Dean would it?”  Sometimes he gets to lick her pussy, when Dean is not
around. Sometimes Woodsman has to do it after Dean has left. Creampie time!
Karen says, “I’m a licker, and he’s the sticker.”   Meaning Woodsman licks, and
Dean fucks.

Dean has a big cock, 8 inches, and Woodsman is only 3″s. She needs a bigger
cock for sure! Woodsman knew the first time, that Karen was dissatisfied.  She
likes Woodsman’s oral skills, and he licks her ass. Now Woodsman is locked up.
She has the key. No cumming for Woodsman. Once every two weeks with a

Woodsman says he is pretty happy now, he has Karen, he says only a rich guy
gets to keep a girl if he has a little dick. On weekends he stays in the spare
bedroom.  He does not want Karen to find out about this, !

Dean pounds her pussy, Woodsman wanted to know. I told him they laugh at
him!No cumming for Woodsman, orgasm denial!

Orgasm denial is beneficial for Woodsman a cock cage is what he needs.  I like to talk about orgasm denial and humiliation during orgasm denial phone sex.

I like it when Woodsman is enslaved in his chastity device, and I have control.  I like to control him, as do all his wives/ex-wives the fact that he is unable to touch his private part, and be humiliated and made to feel subservient to his Mistress is very alluring.  Then he is made to feel his place is to pleasure his female partner. Be it, taking care of her kids, or licking her pussy, or cleaning the house.

The male should be denied orgasm, especially when so small a cock will not please his Mistress or wife. If there is an orgasm, after a prolonged period of denial, then it is explosive, only bonding him more to his lady friend.

Woodsman not only is a devotee of orgasm denial phone sex, he is a veteran who likes to talk about
cuckold phone sex.

Woodsman has a lot of stories of his adventures on my personal website, I suggest you click this link to find them…..
he has many different episodes, one in the park, when his college girlfriend goes off in the woods,
behind his back, another where he feeds breakfast to his wife or girlfriend as she is riding his best friends cock..
Woodsman is a trip!

cuckold phone sex with the Woodsman

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy