CFNM – office fantasy phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360 +

Time for you to focus on some good guided masturbation phone sex.  Stop this thinking about it, you know you want to try it.  If you have not done it before you will love it.  I will take control, you will sit back and follow.  It will make your work week go much smoother and faster, once you get the edge off with some guided masturbation. Treat yourself to a good time, and it will be our little secret.

A special CFNM in the office might intrigue you and get MY cock going, while I guide you, especially if you feel that just plain stroking is not exciting enough for you. Good teasing and denial is also a good way to get those balls full of cum the way I like them.
I will be the sexy girl at the office that you secretly want.  Maybe you can’t have her, but you can have me have you – “have her.”  You get very excited by the sexy short skirts I wear, you can tell I have thigh high stockings on, you can see glimpses  of lace lingerie showing thru my sexy sheer blouses, you go crazy when I wear my 6″ high heeled shoes at the office.

On the days when I wear one of my power suits, I might have you sit naked in a chair in front of me, completely exposed.  It is no surprise when I move your hands away from your private area, that you are rock hard at my stare.  I might bring some of the other sexy girls in the office to watch you masturbate for me.  We will conduct your yearly review.  You had best keep stroking for us, if you want a raise.  You are not allowed to cum, don’t even think about it, because you need my permission.  After all you wouldn’t want to get a bad review.


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