Twisted stroker – castration humiliation phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Some of you like guided masturbation phone sex with me, I specialize in it, I take time, try to mix it up, and keep it interesting as I take control and own you and “MY” cock.   Someone who appears regularly on my blog, has recently changed up our sessions, and now, not only am I not guiding his masturbation.  I am cutting off his balls.  I am calling him twisted stroker, as we are now in another favorite realm of mine.  Castration.  I like or should I say love all forms of domination.  Castration particularly interests me.  I think in times of old, they did have eunuchs in the court, to amuse the royals. I think I should have a few as well.

Twisted stroker had a very mild name. Even though we have done gritty fantasies, and pushed limits perhaps.  He now has found that I am fond of role play fantasy phone sex calls, and CBT – with some castration, is an avenue that I have not really done with him before.  I will not tell you which stroker it is that I have upped his new blog name to Twisted stroker.  He deserves this as he is very erotic and twisted, things to aspire to as a stroker boy.   This is more humiliation getting your balls removed, just to please me.

Our first fantasy ball cutting off fantasy, involved me tying him up, surprising him with a gorgeous red head.  She crawls on top of him, raised her skirt, and he is forced to suck her tranny cock.  Then I have her with great pomp and circumstance chop off his balls.

In a new fantasy, I am Nurse Mandy, a medical fantasy, which ultimately ends in castration.  I feed him fried balls with olive oil and garlic.  Tasty end to a long day at the office I would say.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy