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Of course I love sissy phone sex!  Sissy candi is addicted to Ms. Mandy, she is one of my first sissy’s and returned for a sexy panty girl phone sex call.  She is TOO much!  She told me that she dressed up just for me, and missed my exquisite form of humiliation.  One never knows, what is liable to pop out of my mouth.  I can be funny, filthy, or annoyingly teasing.  She dressed up for the coaction wearing a pair of fishnet stockings, and a garter belt and high heeled pumps.  She did not wear panties as she is not allowed to wear panties,  this provides easy access.  I like her to amuse and service everyone at my tea parties, and today was no exception.   I display her in front of my lady friends and everyone has a good time and a good laugh at her expense.  Sissy candi’s return is very welcome because she is an experienced sissy, which is what I enjoy the most. She admitted that she wants back into the fold, and wants to appear again on Candy’s Corner!  You can check her other blog posts and see what a naughty sissy she is. Today I will have her  serve at a tea party.  I  dressed sissy candi in a red sissy maid outfit.  This was for Valentine’s day and she also brought a box of chocolates for me and my friends.  She told me that she was going to inject the chocolates with cream.  I one upped her on that.

I always have plenty of studs at my party.  All you little dick losers can now drool.  Candi might call me for some sissy training, but I am not opposed to add in a cuckold fantasy, some guided masturbation, panty play, as I dominate her sissy ass.  All my studs and lovers have big cocks.  I had candi suck a big cock for me, in front of all the girls.  She is made to suck the cum out of my pussy,  I wasted no time dripping the cum into sissy candi’s mouth. She is going to suck the cum out, what a cum slut she is.  She does not deserve to cum, I  lock her up, and make her beg to take it out. Candi is also going to lick all my gf’s asses, one after another, each girl giggles, and Candi continues to lick asses. Lot of girls in room for V Day taking pictures to post on their Facebook walls.
As a real surprise I bring out a chocolate cupcake, and I put it on her clitty and order her to hump it.  Chocolate flying everywhere, we all get a good laugh about this, the goal is to load the cupcake up with cum / cream, then has to eat it.  What is more hilarious, she is covered with chocolate and cum, and continues to lick up every nasty drop, at her expense we are wild with laughter.
Sissy candi will be back soon for more abuse.
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy