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Guided masturbation phone sex is one the best ways for you to enjoy your orgasm.  I am here to help guide you.   Let’s talk about masturbating, jerk off phone sex, and masturbation guidance will come into play when you call me for a session.   I can give you a lot of guidance and information to help improve your masturbation experience.  You should think about it, it is only smart for you to masturbate with the help of a masturbation expert.  I have information regarding masturbation techniques, I can share my view on masturbation,  experience with others masturbation, and the benefits of masturbation for a healthy lifestyle.

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I am also a cuckold wife, and have cuckold experiences, that I can share, I do full range domination and fetish calls, sissies included.  Femdom, is my area of expertise.  If you feel that you would like to talk about chastity, orgasm denial, or me making your balls blue, I am very open to these topics of eroticism.  I enjoy chronic masturbator that are looking for cock control, of the highest degree.

I am here to take your calls!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy