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Bitch boy had nice treat for Ms. Mandy he called for a guided masturbation phone sex session. He had a super big dildo  that has a reservoir for cooked cum which he has a recipe to make. The first thing he did was show me how the cum, comes out of the dildo and let me tell you, it looks absolutely real. He also had clothespins – 8 big ones, and little clothespins, good for nipple clamps, a cool homemade flogger, he made this out of leather shoe strings, which created a really nice flogger, good idea for you pain sluts out there, and had a strange shaped butt plug, aneros I guess always amazed at the things you sluts like to put up your ass. He had a candle from one of our prior sessions, it is bent I assume from me fucking his ass. He also has some of the cooked cum in a glass in case I needed to fill up the dildo to shoot in his mouth. Other added homemade devices were rubber bands for a cock ring, a spatula.

I like to use Bitch Boy, normally I do rather intense guided masturbation phone sex sessions combined with domination. I own and control Bitch boy, no doubt about the fact that he is addicted to Ms. Mandy. He showed some interest in having some she male dick. I have made him a cock sucking faggot whore, and he likes the big tits bouncing as he sucks cock. He told me that it had been 6 or 7 weeks since his last orgasm. I am thinking of keeping him in chastity as I a fan of orgasm denial phone sex. I am in charge of his orgasm, and he is not allowed to cum without my permission. He needs MY control and can not survive without it, I own BITCH BOY! Bitch boy has no further say in this.. He also had on a cock ring ball spreader, which he proudly displayed on web cam, I did get many shots of his ass hole peeking up at me, how sweet is that, ready for some anal penetration from HIS Mistress Mandy. I put the small clothespins on him to be used as nipple clips and I do enjoy spanking my cock. I think I do detect some pain slut features in Bitch Boy! Domination phone sex with guided masturbation and fetishes mixed in. Ms. Mandy will cock control you with sex toys and cbt, do you like she male cock?

As we entered my dungeon, I shackled him to the brick wall, we had walked down a dark hallway thru a passageway in the basement of my house, to a sliding door, hiding the entrance to my dungeon I like to use for my stroker sluts. I am dressed in a short tight leather mini skirt with a black matching leather bustier and I make him suck my strap on, because he is a dirty fucking cock sucking whore, faggot whore? He has P put my strap on against his cock and rub the precum onto it, and then I make him lick it off, and then I cover his body with clothes pins all over thighs,, nipples and make him scream in pain. I have a back door, that opens slowly, making a creaking noise, Bitch Boy, trembles as a beautiful She Male Goddess Mistress enters the for the back door. Mistress Raven, long Raven hair, in a black cat suit, black stiletto thigh highs, and ready to assist me in my domination and depravity directed toward bitch boy..

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