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 Slave matt is MY slave that I like to do distance training and phone humiliation with.  He has been serving me for years and we have a long history of twists and turns as to what he has done.  He started out as a cuckold husband, now he has turned into a cock sucker.  Sometimes he is a faggot cock sucker, and sometimes he is a straight cock sucker, recently a gay cock sucker, he even has gone out in drag as a cross dresser.   It was not his idea to be a gay cock sucker, it seemed after so many trials and tribulations that he would get some sexual satisfaction in being gay.  The other guy would include him in the act(s).  However, this has a drawback, seeing as he might not be gay, only sucking cock as he is a little dick loser, that is a bottom. His penis can not satisfy a woman, and he is useless sexually.

As I said he did start out doing cuckold phone sex type calls with me.  I am going to talk about our most recent session below, and if you want to see the past exploits of slave matt you can click here — guided masturbation phone sex, to see how he has evolved.Slave matt started out by telling me that he posted ad to get a lot of guys to show up as he wanted to host in a hotel.  In the ad he said that he was a cross dresser in a hotel room and he got a lot of responses.
However only one guy out of about 20 guys showed up. Slave matt mentioned that this guy had a really big cock, he sent
me a picture of him he was amazing, actually I thought it was a porn star.  Slave
matt found him to be nervous and did not think he was gay.  So right away this guy
undid his pants, and slave matt who was dressed as a she male started to
lick this guys balls and he started to moan.  Soon he demanded him to suck his cock,  matt said he sucked him for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes this guy told slave matt to show him his
pussy.   So the guy with the big cock, started to lick slave matt’s ass.  You have to understand, that slave matt never has any real sexual contact, so this was shocking to him.  The past few sessions W/we did speak about him having some gay encounters,  I guess this was gay.  So, they were sixty nining, it got slave
matt pretty excited apparently as he came on this guys face,  The slave matt went back to sucking this guys cock, and he
swallowed his cum. And then the guy left.

Slave matt mentioned that perhaps he came, because he was excited by seeing such a beautiful cock, I have been encouraging him to focus on cock, I would think that this is the result.  He is not gay, but very much into “THE COCK” now.    Slave matt said that this guy did not do the bend over and take it sort of thing,  that they  usually do with him dressed as a cross dresser.   I asked him how he felt about the whole experience and he said that he felt less used then normal.  I wanted to know why, and he said because this guy got him off as well.   Slave matt mention that at the time  it was happening, he did not like this, because he is the submissive who gets the other guy off, but this time he got off, so he was confused. He at first did not like it. But now he seems to like it.  He is totally confused. But believe me, I am setting him back on the right course of action.
have decided that he is better suited to be THE submissive.  He needs to serve me as I own and control him, he is a worthless cock sucker and I do love this about him.  I very much enjoy all of  his wild adventures, with their  twists and turns,  he wants to find a guy or multiple guys to
treat him as a bottom.  He always wants to be used by guys, who degrade him, the ultimate humiliation. I have ordered him to put another ad up, and he will  find a top as he is the bottom. He told me that doing the gay type ad, gets more response.
I have to say that slave matt goes on sexual odyssey’s and I find that it is fascinating. I never know what he might say or come up with, or tell me that he has done, he is totally interesting. He said the best thing about this, was he focused on the cock, it was big and beautiful and he worshipped it.

He said that he liked sucking this big beautiful cock, normally he does not get so interested in a cock. He had a big cock, and he liked it a lot. He has another guy lined up who did not show, he had sent a a picture of a black guy with a huge dick.  Too bad slave matt did not get a crack at that one.  W/we are putting  the gay thing on the shelf for a while, and back to slave matt bottoming. I will have slave matt write to the guy with the big cock and  ask him,
if he will have slave matt suck his cock only.
I would prefer him be a bottom as this is what he really is. Have I mention that slave matt lives for my ass, he is sucking
cock for the ultimate reward of licking my ass. Suck dick = rewarded with my
ass.Stay  tuned for more on slave matt sucking cock as a worthless  loser..
Mistress Mandy