Blue Balls – orgasm denial – cum tax now $100 – call Ms. Mandy for chastity training 1-877-732-6360

Blue Balls  are full and heavy, they are hard, and he wants to cum badly. NOT ALLOWED TO CUM, cumming is bad for him!   I make him slap his cock and balls, no cumming.   Told him to find another girl, but no sex!  So see how long it takes for her to give up.

Because I own and control him. He needs my control.
We focus on orgasm denial phone sex   and chastity training , as cumming is bad for him!

It is now 73 days.. 91 is the count.. we aspire to 91 days..
Blue balls are good for him.  Calls me once a week at least to be reminded that it is my cock, it belongs to me. I am going to use it, for my amusement.
Ball pain, ball torture, blue ball – ism, black and blue balls. Slap Ms. Mandy’s balls. Slap that cock, No cumming for him. Cock needs to be slapped, more…
I am superior, and keep him from cumming. Working on brain washing. Now it is up to 92 days, and he thanks me, because he is a good boy!

Next session:

Balls are really heavy…  70 days.. W/we upped it to100 days….  has to talk to me to edge…does not deserve to cum.  Balls are big and heavy and full of cum, feels them hanging cause they are soooo heavy. Slap them, squeeze them, he needs my control.. Taking man hood away, not allowed to cum.  Edge it…

Met someone, went out once, went to a bar had drinks, I told him to ask her for a date..  Told him to make out with her, she can give him a handjob but no cumming… he can lick her pussy, I own and control him, no cumming for him…
Told me does not WANT to cum, only wants to stroke for me,  I have programmed him well.  He knows his place – which is to stroke for me.

I have raised his cum tax to $100 – actually he begged me to..

Ms. Mandy

"cum tax", "orgasm denial"