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A new stroker slut today! I
thought he might be looking for guided masturbation phone sex, don’t worry he is already addicted to Me, Ms. Mandy!  …This is what he
said he wanted.. “I like to worship, humiliated, guided masterbation, fantasies,
anal play and have done a lil cbt, I guess overall though I really just love to
be the Mistress’ toy in the end. Be used for her entertainment and bend to her
will. I like to have her in control and tell me what’s coming next keep me
guessing you know and always pushing my limits  I kinda like the idea of
eating my cum some but no one has really been able to get me to do it unless I
do a self facial i guess i am not that into wearing sissy stuff how ever I would
if it amused you. and not at all into guys
“.  New stroker boy in Chicago calling today for some humiliation phone sex.

Guided masturbation phone sex with new stroker slut wanting humiliation phone sessions and added instructions and anal play during cock control

Stroker slut says that he wants me to be in control. I will of course, use him, control him and humiliate him.
Has a duke anal stimulator, butt plug, wants verbal humiliation. Going to be my
toy. I start out by making him spank his cock, lube his finger and stick it up his ass. Chronic
masturbator needs my guidance for cock control. Dirty whore licks up pre cum, he is my stroker
slut. No cumming in between sessions. If he does cum he pays an in between cum
tax. I own and control him. Air fucking.. maybe I won’t let him touch it!
That’s great on cam. Beg me to touch it.. wants to be at my beck and call, my
toy and pet.  Wants to be what ever I want him to be.  I can control him in many
ways.  He never ate his cum, but he can look forward to it.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy

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