WALL OF SHAME! Tiffany in panty’s for Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Tiffany is my cock sucking whore!  She has made it to my “Wall of Shame” – usually she has more exposed then I post on my wall, when I get a photo.  She has been sucking cock, although  not enough for Ms. Mandy.  Time for me to get her in line, and have her get her panties on and into the Adult book store, to suck cock for me, I like to listen.  More then one time, I have had her on the phone, dick in her mouth. Listening to her suck away. I enjoy talking to the person who is fucking her mouth, and sometimes the guy actually will talk. Usually they are taken off guard so you never know if I get to hear or not.

Ms. Tiffany is addicted to Ms. Mandy, and is not a guided masturbation phone sex slut.  She is more the cock sucking phone sex slut, as she loves to suck dick.  I have had some amazing sessions with her.  The first one, she was on the icey steps of her office, smoking a cigarette, only in panties, it was freezing out, just like tonight. Calling me for her first domination  session.   I have a new story she has written to be posted tonight.

Hope you enjoy her panties, as I do…