Loser barks for humiliation – small penis humiliation with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

I have a little dick loser, he is now barking for his humiliation.    I like to add in some  phone sex role play he then seems to start barking now, without me even telling him too!  It is so funny. I love being amused while I do small penis humiliation.  he is so pathetic.  Can you imagine, I tell him to bark, and he is playing with his tiny dicklette, and then barking for me at the same time?
It is very pathetic true, but it does make Ms.Mandy laugh, and all of her friends laugh too!

I also thought of turning this loser into a girl, I think that would be so funny, to dress him up as a girl, but better then that I will give him my birth control pills, two packs at a time, till he becomes very womanly!  Then I will laugh even more, as his dicklette becomes a clitlette!  Pussy and clit, ready to be fucked like the woman he is!

Did I mention, the best part  is this loser is a cock sucker!  He loves to suck my boyfriend’s big dick, I have dicklette cum in a bowl, bark and then eat it up!

Very humiliating and very amusing!  So loser, get ready to bark you are too small to satisfy anyone!

xoxox’s Ms. Mandy