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I had been out shopping all day. My poor feet hurt from walking the mall for
hours, picking up all the things I was needing for what I was hoping to be a
very hot evening. I had on a short black dress and spiky high heels, I
should know better then to spend the day shopping in stiletto heels. Oh
well, I know that tonight my feet will be well taken care of. I stopped off
at the liquor store to visit my friend Milan and I had him put a case of
Cristal champagne in my trunk. A girl can never have enough bottles of

I guess you are wondering what is in these shopping bags, they are a
surprise for a friend I am visiting in town. I had been on my way to visit
my husband in California, he is on business there, however, bitch boy, lives
mid way and I decided to make a pit stop at his house while en route to see
what he was up to. I had texted him and he was very happy to hear I could
stop by for a drink.

When I arrived at his house, bitch boy greeted me at the door, I asked him
if he wanted to bring in the case of champagne, it was a gift from me to
him. He was pleased and I knew that he enjoyed champagne. He brought the
case in effortlessly. He is a great looking guy, well built. He lifted the
case as if it was a feather.

He commented on my short black dress, and heels, and I said thank you. I had
had bitch boy put the champagne on ice, and when I felt it was chilled just
enough I asked him to crack open a bottle, and get out the chilled glasses,
I had put in his freezer.
We sat and caught up on old times, and we were pretty well into drinking the
second bottle, when I said I had to get some things from my car.

I went outside and brought in a dozen shopping bags, and went into his
bedroom, while he was in the kitchen getting us some more champagne. I laid
out some of the things I had gotten at the mall. I went back into the living
room. Bitch boy was seeming quite tipsy, perhaps a little something had been
added to his drink? I instructed him to go into the bedroom, I said I had a
gift for him.

He did as he was told, he was unsteady on his feet yet he was laughing,
always glad to have me around, and when he looked on the bed, he said, “are
you going to model this lingerie?” I laughed and told him that contrary to
what he was thinking I wanted him to model the bra and panty set for me. He
did protest, until I brought in the champagne bucket, and handed him another
glass. He was giddy and having fun. I told him it would turn me on if he
dressed up in the panty and bra set that was laying on the bed.

He did as I asked, he dressed in the panty set and looked so cute. His cock
is rather big and was peaking out the top of the panties. I sat him on the
edge of the bed, and put some lipstick on him, he protested, but not really
that hard, of course, you could say he was under the influence.

He went over and laid on the bed, he seemed to be sleeping, I found the
perfect opportunity to tie him to the bedposts, and when he did wake up, he
saw that I had put nipple clips on him and I was teasing his cock with my
pretty hand. He asked me what I was doing, I said I was having some fun, and
that he should just relax. He continued to ask questions, but his cock said
it all. Rock hard, and out of his control, I was having my way with him.

I told him that I had invited one of my girlfriends over, and he wanted to
know who it was, I said it was Raven, actually he could call her Mistress
Raven. He said he was always curious about domination, that this should be
fun. I brought over another glass of champagne and lifted his head, so he
could drink some, seeing as he was in bondage. Raven entered the room, Raven
hair, tall and a stately  beauty. Bitch boy was in awe of her. She
laughed and picked up her crop, and lightly smacked bitch boy’s very erect
penis. He winced and said, “thank you ma’am”. She laughed as well.
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