New Erotic Story! OLC gets some 4th of July cock!

Holiday’s are such fun at “Le Casa de Stroka” for those of you new to Ms. Mandy’s blog, that is the name I have assigned my house, because I do love to have you stroka in my house!    The weather has been glorious, if you have read some of my previous stories/entries, you will know that Tyrone has been helping me, as usual get my house ready for the summer.  We are all settled now at LBI (Long Beach Island) at our summer house.  Tyrone is on leave from his training camp.  He is a sports figure, and does enjoy being able to take time to vacation with me at the shore, he is usually up in the Meadowland’s working on his six pack, although I am sure I counted 8 packs.

We did deck the house out for summer for sure this year.  We bought a super large Weber grill and have it on the beach, surrounded by some wrought iron chairs we very comfortable over sized cushions and tables.  I love pastel colors, and this year is no different then others, you can see my house from offshore, noted by the pinks, and yellows and blues, not to mention striped beach umbrellas that line my front yard, which happens to be the Atlantic Ocean.

I invited quite a crew early on this year, as the long cold winter I endured has had me planning this for months.  As I type this now, the house is busy with sissies preparing food for today and tonight’s festivities, and they are all excited about the panties that were waiting for each of them in a pretty Victoria’s Secret bag, they are scurrying around in panties, and giggling and touching each other for my amusement as they serve me.  Some are outside in their pink Speedo’s sitting on the fabulous Vera Bradley beach towels and rubbing each other with baby oil, getting ready to be tan and gorgeous we are having a beach party tonight, and will be roasting corn, burgers, steaks, lobster tails, having salads, and I have decided the drink of the night will be frozen margaritas’, and of course we have some kegs.

Tyrone is looking more amazing, I have him in tight Tommy Hilfiger swim trunks, the sissies are all drooling, seeing at how manly he is,  Isobella is in a her little short maids outfit, waiting upon my commands.  I am not sure who she wants more.  Me or Tyrone. Good luck to her, because she is getting neither from what I can gather. Me who does not enjoy pussy, and Tyrone, does not want to be banished from my Queen Dom so, Isobella will have to suffice with sissy little dick, or perhaps stray cock that might wonder in off the beach during the day or tonight.  We should be able to see the fireworks from Seaside later, I am looking forward to that.

Tyrone had taken me into Manhattan during the week to buy me some new things for the party to wear, and also for the summer.  I did manage to get a hot little dress, and some very expensive and tight shorts, stacks of new tee shirts, and a few shopping bags full of string bikini’s, as I seem to find the sissies snatching them, and hoarding them to sniff and jerk off in.  I also think this time round, next sissy I find with one of my expensive items, will be publicly spanked, and perhaps I will make this sissy’s perform more humiliating and degrading acts in public, for my amusement. After all, I will make sissy pay and replace the items, Tyrone has an affinity to find and apprehend  the culprit, when I am missing garments, he gets pretty pissed off, when it is something new he has just gotten me.

I have to mention, that last night, I had a sudden visitor appear at my door.  As you can guess it is none other then my OLC (Online Cucky Husband) wanting to celebrate and party with me and all my friends.  I do love when he appears, somehow he is right on time each time Tyrone shows up.  I almost think he has a tracking device.  He can sense my big manly gorgeous boyfriend is around. OCL basically stops whatever he is doing, and appears at my front door.   He knocked last night, I could sense it was him, and when I opened the door, he was sporting a few very exotic Orchid plants for my garden room.  I recently had  a green house window wall installed at the far end of my kitchen, where I have been exploiting my green thumb. I know the orchids will make a wonderful addition to my indoor garden of gardenia’s, miniature rose bushes and herbs.

OLC has been looking very buff, he is trying to look as muscular as Tyrone.  He has been working out and looking good, and I have to say how much I love my OLC, he is just not well endowed, and I do have to let you readers know, he is not a real man.  Whoops, did I let the cat out of the bag?  Or should I say the mouse out of the house?  He is very small, and early on, I had informed him that I would not be having sex with him any time soon.  I require a real man, who can give me pleasure all night long, and OLC you are just not the guy.  I know he knows this and he secretly waits for the day, when I will say, OLC take me!

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