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Aside from my passion for guiding masturbation during guided masturbation phone sex calls.  We then notice that I really like to deny your orgasm, just as much as I might like to make you cum.  Orgasm Denial for stroker boys is the ultimate vicious circle of pussy-whipping.  When I have the chance to play with a naughty stroker boy like you, I know that  you call me with your hard horny cock, What is the result of this?  I get to use your submissive nature to tease you.   Basically I enjoy denying your orgasm, and keeping you horny and on edge for me.  And that of course means no cumming for you.

I find that orgasm denial is a delicious downward spiral,  this is where you get weaker and more horny.  The scientific reason is that all this horny  heat cooks in your balls turning you into  submissive mush for me.  Did I mention that your balls will be turning blue, at my wish and command.  Then I will expertly caress and mold you into the stroker boy you long to be, with manipulative superior mind!   And of course no cumming for you. Orgasm denial phone sex, during a guided masturbation phone sex call.  It can be chastity, blue balling, mind fucking, locking your cock up in a cage.

Orgasm denial gives the best mind-fuck for phone sex stroker boys who want some extreme humiliation.  Not only is orgasm denial a form of humiliation, it will teach you control, it will make you high with energy and excitement, and you will please me. Why not revel in it? You will be addicted to me, not cumming for me,  and of course you know it is the best thing for My cock!

orgasm denial phone sex


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