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Owned by Mistress Mandy, called early in the day for some degrading
orgasm denial, and
humiliation on webcam, which I do incorporate with guided masturbation phone sex. I  use i have been thinking long and hard about what we discussed in our last session.

him for my amusement. He is my slut, I own
and control him. I mentioned chastity the other night. He is going
to get a chastity device so I will lock him up. I see his cock on webcam, it is
“My” cock, CB6000 is the topic today. He will lock it up, no cuming between
sessions. Slaps his cock for me, sucking on a dildo for me. He is a fucking
whore. Licking up precum as I tie up My cock with a stocking. He is loving the
idea of not cuming between sessions and will cum less once he is locked up. Orgasm control, denial, chastity and ruined orgasms, will what he will be looking forward to in the future.he writes:
dear Mistress Mandy

the thought of me giving you full control over my small
penis turns me on so muchi can’t stop thinking about buying a chastity device
and my every waking moment im searching the internet for the best one for my
pathetic cock. i have also been looking for a chastity contract to
make this new chapter in my training binding.
i want to feel your power over me grow and grow i think by me commiting to your chastity program , you
will take full advantage of  me being locked down and who knows where our chastity
journey will take usi bet you have a good idea LOL maybe on our next session we can dicuss terms for your
chastity programi love you Mistress Mandy. regards piggy

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