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I enjoy dressing you sissies up and giving assignments with O/our sissy phone sex sessions. I
gave rim job maurren an assignment here is her reply:

“I took a cab to the mall and went to Victoria’s Secret and
told the lady I needed a pair of pink panties.  She asked me what size is my wife,  and then I told
her it was for me.   She just looked at me and laughed and asked me what size are my
boxers and I told her and she picked out a thong, and she said I needed a matching
bra to go with itm and she called me sissy.

Next I went to CVS and asked the girl
for some help picking a shade of lipstick for myself. She did not say or do
anything but pick out a dark shade of red.   Then I went to Target and bought the
tampons.  There were no females around so I went to the register and told the
girl that they were for me, and she just laughed saying that was the best excuse in
buying tampons for my wife.  She did not believe me.   I called a cab and had a good
chat with the lady driver I almost told her about my day at the mall but I got
scared since she knew were I lived.   I was afraid she might show up and my family
would be here and she would tell them.   That would of been very humiliating and
I would have  loved it, if not for the family.. “

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy