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Happy early New Year’s  to all my stroker boy’s out there!   Hope you all had lot’s of fun stroking and opening your gift’s for Christmas.  I want to thank those of you who sent me gift card’s from Amazon, and some amazing personal gift’s as well.   I got some amazing shoes, and also jewelry, as well as cash to go out with my boyfriend.  Poor hubby was sad about that. Oh well.  Slave in SD sent me an amazing personal gift.  I had my human atm contribute to my New car fund. I have a few slave’s that tribute me regularly. Perhaps you might like to be one too!  The weather here has been rather odd this year.  We did have a white Christmas as so many are having this year, and last week of course New Jersey got plowed under with snow.  It was a great time for me, as I was snowed in here.  I will be here tomorrow night, New Year’s eve to take calls. I will be having some house guest’s, a few sissy’s to take care of things, my real man boyfriend and hubby will be here, and I will be my usual perverse self, taking calls. I love to do calls on New Year’s.  It starts the year off right!

I have also had many fun sessions here are a few that come to mind.  Loser R is such a trip, he likes me to laugh at his little dick!   I do like to do that, and I even bring my friend’s over to laugh at him as well.  I usually make him bark like a dog, I lead him on a leash, and make him beg me to toe fuck him!  Of course I make him eat his own cum.  He begs me for it.  Today he told me he was hungry and needed to be fed.  That is just what I did!  He craves my humiliation!

A new cum eater  called me recently.  Ms. Mandy has a lot of fun with guys that love to eat their cum.  I have a new cum eater! He brought a dildo and a vibrator to our call.  I had him vibrate MY cock while we did some dirty phone sex.  He has a dildo and vibrator, rubbing cock with vibrator, I had him play with the dildo and lube it up, and then he put that dildo in his butt.  I know that worked really well.   I do enjoy having dirty boy’s who like to jerk off for Ms. Mandy.

I also have had a treat, Ca Panty Boy has been serving me, I have been doing some email training, and also sending him to Victoria’s Secret to get enough panties to wear them daily.  He is super hot, I make him suck a dildo, use it in his pussy, I even have him stand in the window, and I can watch him on webcam, as he shows off for the neighbor’s.

Also had a hot cuckold phone sex call, a guy sent me some super hot pic’s of his pretty wife.  Told me that she is interested in having sex with others.  I love talking about slutty women who cheat on their mates.  He got very excited at the prospect of her going off and having big cock in her pussy.

Stroker in Alabama did a guided masturbation phone sex call with me.  He had on black panties, and a vibrator.  I love seeing him on webcam and having him jerk off for me, it does get me going!   The original Legs of his head, cum eater also has been doing some session’s with me, and making Ms. Mandy very horny!  He is a major cum eater.

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