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Hello Mistress we went to the movies several times before Claire saw me in action.  The first 2 times, it was too crowded to do anything, but last night it was busy again and Jeff was there  – after the movie ended he came over and asked me to wait until everybody was gone.  Claire had me dress up in a pink bra and panties, and once we were the only ones there she told me to strip and  she applied make up on me, to make me look like a slut.  Jeff and a friend came in and Jeff told his friend that he was not lying, and  that I was a whore and I would suck their cocks.  So I was on my knees sucking on both of them while Claire watched and laughed her ass off.  She told one the guys to fuck me so I was on my hands and knees getting fucked and sucking the other one off.  She told the guys to cum on my face and in my mouth. After their had shot their loads I was ordered to lick and clean their cocks.  Claire told me that I was a good cock sucker faggot.  The guys watched as Claire wrote loser and faggot and other names on my face and body.  Jeff then asked if he could take me out back and  she said yes but she took off my bra.  I was naked outside laying down on a box and Claire ordered me to beg to be fucked,  so I did and she watch as both guy use me.  They went inside  and shut the door, I was told to walk around to the car.  Claire watched me jerk off and when I came, she caught it in a cup and then poured my cum into my mouth.  She had me swallow my cum and then she put a dildo into my pussy ass and one in my mouth we drove to her place.  I am a fucking loser and thank you for making me this way.

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