Cuckold story – erotic written by laurie’s husband

A new exciting erotic cuckold story written by none other then my “laurie’s husband”
He has returned in rare form to amuse me, this story is very hot, I love it. I like to do all types of domination phone sex, cuckolding is very dear to me, as I am a real cuckold wife. I of course do a lot of guided masturbation phone sex calls, as I like to control
“MY cock(s)”  Enjoy this new story, the entire story can be found on my website, link is at the bottom of this page.

Come in.

It’s good to see you again. It seems like only yesterday that you were proposing love and marriage to me only to have me rejected you once we learned about my love for giant cocks.
Have a seat. Give me a minute; I need to put on something more appropriate.
Isn’t this better? Good. You remember that I prefer you not to speak. There will be no questions from you. When I give you an order, your response can only be, “Yes, Mistress”.
From now on this is how you will see me. Whether I am present or not, you will see me in black high heels, black garter, black panties, and black stockings and, of course, naked from the waist up. My hot red lipstick on my full lips will be moist and my dark eyes and shoulder length hair will sparkle. My 34D’s, will look better to you than they ever did before. You will immediately focus your attention on my tits. The tits that you have loved and dreamed about since the day you were first allowed to see them.
Yes, Mistress.
It’s fortunate for both of us that I moved in next door to you. Your wife is lovely. She was so kind to offer me your assistance when she realized how often my husband was away. You’ve noticed that he is away most of the time and I prefer it that way, in fact, I demand that he be gone at least three weeks out of every month.
You’ve noticed a lot of things haven’t you. I have enjoyed your efforts to catch glimpses of me as I move about the house. I love to show you my body and know that you yearn to be next to it. I have been making you hard for weeks now and loving every minute of it. Why do you think I put that garden window into my bathroom directly across from your study? You can sit in your big leather chair behind your big desk and stare at me as I bathe. You wish you could bathe me, fondle my tits, wash my hair, pat me down with a towel, and rub lotion on my skin. You ache to be near me and serve me however I chose to allow you to do so. Don’t worry baby, you will get your chance.
Follow me into the kitchen.
Yes, Mistress.
Please pour me a glass of lemonade.
Yes, Mistress.
Thank you.
While we talk, please empty the dishwasher and put away the dishes. Then, please wipe down the counters and clean the sink.
Yes, Mistress.
Now, where were we? Oh yes, we were discussing how you will serve me.First thing you must do is get naked. Take off your clothes and let me take a look at you.
Yes, Mistress.
The years haven’t been that bad to you; but there is plenty of work to do if you intend to frequent my home and enjoy my company. You have 90 days to turn that body into a sculpted work of art. I want to see a hard body and will not accept anything less. Lose the gut and about 30 pounds. Start working on it the moment you walk out my door. No excuses and no promises. I demand results and you have 90 days to deliver.
Yes, Mistress.
I want to see you hard, just like you are right now, whenever you are near me. Keep “My” cock hard, “Lover”; however, know this; that cock will never fuck me and I will never fuck that cock.
Yes, Mistress.
My panties are on for a reason. My pussy is not for you. A girl has to have her standards and no cock smaller than 10” has a chance of fucking or being fucked by my pussy. It’s not personal. I decided long ago not to settle and when you look and fuck like I do, you don’t have too.
Now, follow me into the bedroom.

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