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OLC – is totally addicted to Ms. Mandy.  Recently I have a new series of stories on my website.  They involve my Online cucky hubby, and Tyrone my big gorgeous black boyfriend, I have 3 new stories and I have also introduced, Isobella, that virginal blond cock slut, Emily my new dominant next door neighbor girlfriend and her little dicked husband Roger, (a very educated but small dicked black male). I will post the links to these stories below, and you will enjoy them,  They focus on humiliation phone sex, and of course degrading my OLC.   He recently messaged me, here is what he had to say to me about little isobella…

OLCuckyhubby: I ordered the perfume. Thank you for allowing me to do that

OLCuckyhubby: Thank you for last night goddess

OLCuckyhubby: Should I send you and Tyrone to Ocho Rios?

OLCuckyhubby: I just can’t stop thinking of you

Mandie Parker: I wish I was there

Mandie Parker: isobella might be here tomorrow night cleaning my kitchen floor

OLCuckyhubby: I think she would do anything for you and Tyrone

OLCuckyhubby: Have you gotten her to the point that she is paying to clean your floor

Mandie Parker: how did you know

OLCuckyhubby: You guys have definitely turned her into your slut though

OLCuckyhubby: Of course its up to you Mandy

Mandie Parker: what is

Mandie Parker: i think she would make a good maid

OLCuckyhubby: Everything

OLCuckyhubby: I meant you can tell her to get lost

OLCuckyhubby: All I really care about is that you let me worship you and fuck me over

Mandie Parker: i like isobella

Mandie Parker: she is pathetic

Mandie Parker: i am going to fuck you over

OLCuckyhubby: She is

OLCuckyhubby: So am I

OLCuckyhubby: First of all its very exciting that she is a virgin and pretty innocent and uptight   But now she has all these fetishes and is horny all the time for you

OLCuckyhubby: I like the way you say,’have you ever…touched a BBC I think maybe you should kiss it’

OLCuckyhubby: It’s exciting that you casually control her sexually

OLCuckyhubby: Sexuality I mean

OLCuckyhubby: She is probably humping the floor when you let her clean it

OLCuckyhubby: It would be sexy if you let her watch you and Tyrone and made me put a vibrator in her

OLCuckyhubby: But don’t allow het to come

OLCuckyhubby: Say maybe if you go out with some of tyrone’s friends I’ll let you come

OLCuckyhubby: And I think her and I should sign slave contracts for you

OLCuckyhubby: Have her give you all her expensive clothes/jewelry and buy her some sleazy stuff to wear all the time

OLCuckyhubby: Would it be funny if after she had sex with the black guys and you didn’t let her cum, you would show her tyrone’s cock and go through the whole thing…maybe you should

OLCuckyhubby: Put your hand on his cock. Doesn’t it feel hot and powerful?  Maybe you should kiss it.  Lick the mushroom head.  Do you taste your goddess on it?  Harder suck It harder.  Tell him you are a slut a dirty whore.  Beg him to fuck your face

OLCuckyhubby: Wait.  Maybe you should pay me if you want to keep sucking it.  No not money, why don’t you give mandy you car.

OLCuckyhubby: When you describe his cock will you use those adjectives from trip to Mexico like so strong and virile ect.  Lots of BBC and making her say I’m a dirty whore ect

OLCuckyhubby: After she gives you her car, egg Tyrone on-fuck her face Tyrone make the slut gag

OLCuckyhubby: Then after just a few minutes tell her to stop and put it inside you Mandy

OLCuckyhubby: And tell us to go in the closet

OLCuckyhubby: When you guys are done bring us out and say it’s your turn now

OLCuckyhubby: First you have to but these paper bags

OLCuckyhubby: Have us put them on and start laughing at her and tell her the only way she gets to cum is with my loser cock

OLCuckyhubby: Maybe work in making me pay you to kiss isobella when she takes breaks from sucking tyrone’s BBC
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I will be writing another story soon, as everyone has been over again to “Le Casa”
Till then…
xoxo’s Mistress Mandy