My stroker boy, makes Ms. Mandy very happy! Call Ms. Mandy for your chastity training 1-877-732-6360

My Stroker Boy  has been making Ms. Mandy very happy.  I have him dressed with a different ribbon around MY cock every day for chastity control.  When he sees the ribbon he knows not to touch.  He is loyal and obedient, and gives me the respect that I demand and deserve. He makes Ms. Mandy very happy!

We have been practicing chastity control, and also have been doing a bit of phone sex role play  as well!   He is my  Stroker boy!

oxoxox’s Ms. Mandy


Guided masturbation audio today!

Hope you stroker boys are having a nice day today! I am  putting up a super hot guided masturbation audio, to wet your dicks and get your imagination’s going.                                                                         Enjoy the audio!! Not only do I like to talk about guided...