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Guided masturbation phone sex can be a very intense experience, it is a form of domination, many men like this because it is mild.  Some think domination involves pain but that is not the case.  It is basically you giving up control to a beautiful woman in charge.  It is a relief and a wonderful way to rid yourself of stress.  Guided masturbation can provide you with a strong orgasm.  It can be stronger then you doing it alone.  It is just the way it works out.   I  was thinking about starting off – putting you,  the new stroker
boy, through your paces to see if you are acceptable.

You might like this also because it is somewhat a CFNM fantasy, I am the clothed female, you being the naked male.  I will have you start by stroking yourself through your pants, I will explain to you what is expected.  Perhaps we can do this guided masturbation phone sex session, where I watch your cock on webcam and give you masturbation techniques.  I will look at your cock, inspect you, and have you stroke for me.  Once your cock is out it should be erect and then
I will explain to you how it is no longer your cock but mine.

Of course I will be  the only one to give MY cock
permission to cum.  I will then have you stroke MY  cock say 50 strokes at a slow
pace.  You had best come prepared with lube, and I will have you pour some lube into your  right palm,
while you grip your cock with your other hand, and rub the lubed palm on
the head of the cock only in a circular motion. I would think you should be ultra sensitive
by this point. You  probably will want to stop.  However, I  have made many
men cum this way.
I will take your hand away and have you rest a minute then order you to give me 50
fast strokes and you had better not cum!  If you get close to the edge tell him to

Next you will  rest until I order you to stroke slow 100
times and get to the edge and stay till he has finished the 100 strokes.
Would you now like a ruined orgasm, or to cum hard  and the eat
him mess, if you do not obey you will ultimately deny yourself the opportunity to become a member of
Ms. Mandy’s elite Stroker Club.