Office fantasy and free audio!

I do enjoy you stroker boys worshiping me at the office. I think it is about time that I posted a new audio, and some instructions for your office masturbation.  You already are addicted to me, I hear it all the time, guys listening to my audios for years, calling me and wanting more.  Here is your wish a new office masturbation fantasy..

  • During the morning:
  • You will go to your secret masturbation area at the office, it can be the men’s room or your office or a private place, and edge for me (WITHOUT Cumming) for 100
    strokes!   Make sure you take your time! This will give you a start on the day!
  • After Lunch:
    • Return to your secret masturbation area at the office, have one of my photos handy, (save it on your cell phone perhaps) and think only of ME for
      5 minutes while you edge again.  Think about all the details of my photo, imagining You could be near ME,
      talking to me live!  Make sure you leave “My” cock in your pants, but you will be allowed massage
      it on the outside and edge and of course no ejaculation!
    • You must be creative!
  • End of the Day
    • Return to your secret office masturbation area, take my photo out again, think about serving  me just like I am there with you, kiss my
      photo, you only get 20 fast strokes without cumming.
    • Do you want to cum stroker boy?  You know it is up to me!


    xxoox’s Ms. Mandy

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