New OLC story – Hurricane Irene Party!

As you may or may not know, I live on LBI we have been all over the news this weekend, we were the first to be evacuated for Hurricane Irene.  Yes, I had to leave “Casa de Stroka” early and head back to Princeton, NJ to our winter home. Tyrone came to my shore house last Monday and started to help me pack up early, usually we wait and hope for a long Indian summer, this year, I threw my hands up in disbelief and was grateful I had another place to land.  Tyrone of course is a big guy, all 6’4″ fabulous inches of hard man.  I mean hard, he has a rock hard flat stomach, and his ass is really amazing, tight and toned. He is more the a GQ guy.  I love his looks and his body, he is also an amazing business man, aside from the fact that he plays pro ball.

He brought some of his friends down, and they had stopped and picked up plywood, and were all set boarding up my house.  My husband has been in Chicago most of the summer, flying back for weekend bashes and holidays, I told him to stay there, I did not want him chancing flying in this weather, and Tyrone assured him he would watch me and the fort(s).  He and my husband are great friends and golf buddies.  It was certainly nice to be helped like this. We started the beginning of the week, and were pretty much ready by the weekend.  I invited Ty and all his friends to come back to my Casa in Princeton, I thought a hurricane party would be fitting.  He picked up a few generators and I was getting in the party mood for sure.

Ty’s friends are an amazing bunch also, I invited some of my gal pals over, just in case any of these virile men were in need of some fresh snatch. I do love being surrounded by these beautiful people. I was looking forward to the festivities, and also the food and libations that were to be in store. We called a local caterer, who thought we were crazy, but assured us we were not the only ones around planning a big party with the lights off this weekend.

Little Isobella of course was all excited.  She is the petite blonde slut that OLC my Online Cucky Hubby picked up last year to try and have some vanilla sex with.  Seeing that he could really not “measure” up to have sex with Me.  What does all that mean?  Of course it means that he is under endowed and could Never satisfy moi.  However, I do love OLC he is a great guy, great job, good looks, sparkling personality, if only he was not such a little dick loser.  Back to Isobella who has been frantically and methodically grabbing her crotch through her clothes, and rubbing her cunny box in hopes of big black cock for the weekend shindig. I have to admit the air was full of electricity.  Both from the impending storm, and all the testosterone that was floating around my house.  Isobella has been itching for a shot at Tyrone, I have warned her to stay away, and Tyrone only laughs, he knows that if I catch him with her, they would both be banished and replaced.

OLC is the only one that has the “balls” small and pathetic though they are to taunt me with Isobella, and of course Tyrone, who is loser lips lust for.  He craves his big black monster of a cock, and loves to gobble down his cum.  I have addicted him to me, to eating cum, to sucking off Tyrone, and actually thinking an anniversary party might be a nice touch, after all that is where OLC introduced me to Tyrone in the first place.

Back to the party, I had Isobella cleaning and setting up everything, OLC had deposited her with me, almost like a bottle, and I use her for my house cleaner, and also for my amusement.  Sometimes I have her suck off the neighbors husbands, if they have small cocks.  I love to see the look of disappointment on her face, when I pull down the pants of these men, she is always so hopeful of a mouth full, in stead she gets a thimble full at best.  She also always hopes to grab OLC she is very much enamored of him, however he is my property, and I own and control him.  He is a loser, he is really not capable of satisfying a woman, at times he uses Isobella, but it is always a failed attempt, even though she is unaware if it as being so. I have given her so many small cocks, that she has come to believe that small is the model.  I can not help her inane stupidity, she is cute and dumb the way some guys like it, especially losers who can not satisfy a real woman.

Personally I need big cock, and big black cock seems to be so much more interesting and rewarding. I am thrilled that there will be a few handsome men here this weekend to peak my interest. Tyrone is also a bit curious as to what my desires might bring.  As Friday night was progressing my house guests were appearing, I was happy that Ty and I were home and settled, his friends were also settled in the guest rooms, and my house guest were phoning and showing up in various degrees and I was in a happy party mood.

Tyrone had taken me recently to the Short Hills Mall, and gotten me an outrageous pair of Jimmy Choo’s with dangerously high heels, my long and athletic legs look only the better in them, I had a sexy tight short dress to go along with them, and had my hair and nails done, after we both had massages at the spa there.  I was excited to get dressed up and be a guest at my hurricane party as I had Isobella to serve and clean, the caterer’s taking care of all the food preparations and a bartender to man the drinks.

I guess it was around 10 pm the house was jumping with music, the wind was howling outside, and I heard someone pounding on the front door, I sent Isobella to answer it, and who was it?  OLC of course.  He was all disheveled and had a curious look of anticipation on his face.  I had texted him and told him that we were having a party, he lives a ways off, and was not sure he would be able to make it.  However I should have known better.  He had plenty of supplies on hand, he loves to bring things that I like, and he had a case of Cristal, 5 dozen baby pink roses, and a beautiful small diamond pendant necklace in a turquoise gift box. Gosh where is that from OLC?

OLC was highly charged, he was ready for the party, he exchanged some words with pretty little Isobella she already was rubbing herself thru her see thru cotton dress, I find it amusing that she unabashedly does this with many others in the room staring and she does not care, I suppose it is a means of advertisement for her, or she is just a dumb fuck.  Or maybe both. He shook her off, and came over to chat with me and Tyrone.  I was in the midst of a conversation with Jasmine and her friend Orlando, who is a hot Latino man I was finding him very sexual, Jasmine is tall and super model material, although she is a satisfied suburb wife, and Orlando is a successful clothing manufacturer, he was inviting Ty and myself to fashion week in NYC and I was quite excited about this. Also some of Ty’s men friends were in the general vicinity I had mentioned to Ty that perhaps I would like two cocks tonight, when the party eventually settles into my room. Let’s see who the lucky recipient of the Mandy award will be.

These guys were pretty funny, they were walking around like a bunch of peacocks
sucking in their six packs, I mean these guys are IN SHAPE, and they were strutting their stuff, Isobella, sitting playing with herself hoping someone will snatch her up and fuck her.  I am not sure she knows this, but no one can fuck her with out my permission.  I own and control her, the cocks in the room, and just about everything …

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