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My last session with Mistress Mandy was out of this world.Mistress Mandy first had me put a pair of panties on that a bought earlier that day along with a pair of black stockings. Then Mistress had me tie one of the stockings tightly around the base of her cock. The precum started to flow and Mistress Mandy saw this on the webcam and ordered me to lick it up. Then Mistress said she was going to fuck me over for having a little dick, and with that Mistress Mandy was going to charge me $5 precum licking tax. Then Mistress Mandy had me stroke her cock and charged me a $5 stroking tax.  Mistress Mandy was laughing at how vulnerable i had become since the signing of her contract. Mistress had me begging licking up precum, Mistress Mandy laughed and called a little dick loser.

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