Guided masturbation instruction during phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

How many of you would like to have masturbation instruction?  I am sure there are a lot.  While it seems simple that to masturbate would be natural, I have more experience probably then you do.  I have been involved with much more masturbation then the average person ever would in a lifetime.  So, boys masturbation is very important to me.  Would you like to try 50 strokes of masturbation, some of you like a count down, although I need to be asked to do this usually, I hear, may I cum now, so there is not time really for a count down.  We can work on you controlling your orgasm, good training for real life sex.  Unless of course you have decided that you like to masturbate better then having real sex.  My blog has many audios for you to jerk off to.  Not as good as the real thing, that being me LIVE on the phone for phone sex, but you can get the idea about guided masturbation.  You will also be able to get some guided masturbation free audio’s on my blog, because there are at least 100 hours of free audios here.  Be sure to call Ms. Mandy for your guided masturbation instruction!  1-877-732-6360