New OLC erotic story by Ms. Mandy! Enjoy!

Erotic cock sucking – little dick loser – wallet draining story
with my OLC hubby…by Mandy

Spring is in the air, I have been
doing my usual. My personal trainer Troy has been working my butt off
literally, I have been shopping (care of
you stroker boys out there, thank you so much!) Buying new sneaks, short
shorts, tight running pants, black on black outfits to walk in, I am a
chronic walker. I love riding my bike, and btw.. did I mention, I am about
to return to golfing. I am looking, pretty much as we speak for a
new golf instructor, I love golf lessons, I do enjoy going to the driving
range every day and hitting a bucket, so that on the weekend, we can go
out and I can kick my husband’s golf ass.

Speaking of my husband, he is away on business for a change. That’s pretty
good news for me, because as you all know, I do love my private time.
That could involve me decorating or re-decorating. Gives me a chance to
catch up with friends, and go out to lunch or down to the shore house
for a romp with Tyrone. No telling what might inspire Ms. Mandy when given
the opportunity. I love to be creative and inventive. My husband is a
great husband, making lots of cash, and shaking his head a lot at my antics.
We have a great marriage, as my indiscretions turn him on. He
unfortunately is addicted to me humiliating him sexually. There is no end to
what I do to him to taunt and tease him. He abso-fucking-lutely
loves it.

Getting back to Tyrone, I was having an itch for his big hard body, he is
such a hunk. He had been calling me for weeks, wanting to set up some
alone time with me. It’s pretty hard with my schedule. I do keep very busy
and he does live a bit far from me. We have to plan our time
together. I decided it would be nice if he came down and go to the gardener
with me. Actually it is a landscape architect that I go to, I am
having a waterfall installed in the back yard. I have a Zen type rock
garden, I like to sit and meditate, I thought that a waterfall on the
other side of the property would be very peaceful, and we have a tennis
court on the north side of the house. So we might need to re-arrange the
setup for my waterfall. I am pretty sure I don’t want to hear the water when
I am meditating in my rock garden. Tyrone is always helpful with
details, even though he is a sports figure he has an engineering degree and
is very helpful with most everything that comes up. If he does not
know an answer himself, some of his friends usually do, he travels in very
high circles.

Tyrone did come down recently for all of this. I was very happy to see him,
as he is so handsome and sexy. I get very excited by the
anticipation and knowing that when we do spend time together it will be
quality time. He drove up in a new BMW, very snappy to say the least.
Jet black, like all of his auto’s, and he has this incredible smile.

We drove to the liquor store and got a few bottles of my favorite beverages.
Some Tattinger, Grey Goose, and a few others.. I was in a festive
mood. I had on a very hot pair of ripped jeans, he loves me best in those,
super tight, and a very low cut sexy top, sexy high heels, I had my
hair henna-d with a red tint, and a blue streak in the front, have been
feeling very frisky. My husband had not been around for a while, I knew I

needed a real man to take care of me, and my weeks of preparation, working
out, and just pampering myself, seemed to have just the right affect
on Tyrone. He practically swooned when he saw me.

We took care of some of the chores, he gets a kick that I use him for all my
homemaking details, even though he is a real man, I still manage to
push him around. As I tell my lovers and others, I am ALWAYS in charge, you
maybe be dominant with me “only to a point.” He gets a charge out
of my control and just shrugs it off. I think on the flip side, he knows,
that he can not push me.

I am sure once I mention this that most of you who follow my escapades with
Tyrone will not be surprised when you learn that my OLC seems to show
up whenever I get in the mood for Tyrone. Tyrone and I are constantly
amazed, because I never forewarn either of them. I love the attention,
and love my OLC (Online cucky hubby) so the more the merrier. You never know
what OLC has up his sleeve either.

About OLC, while he is a loser with a little dick he is my online cucky
hubby. I do love him, but he could NEVER satisfy me, as he is not
endowed, and I only keep him around to use him. I like to use him, and I
like to suck his wallet dry. He knows he will get a good fucking over
and that I will never have sex with him. EVER! He is not a real man like
Tyrone. OLC is fascinated by Ty’s big black cock. I think most are.
For one thing, he could do a cock commercial with it. It is big, beautiful,
black and amazing. It is thick, stands straight and tall, and have
I mentioned that he can go all night long?

Tyrone and I were in my garden room, (we had a greenhouse wall installed
last spring and it is such a pretty room with lots of hanging plants,
some of the panels are stained glass, at twilight the room is amazing. I had
lit some candles and the room was so sexy and Ty looked so hot, and
then there was the knock at the door. Who else? OLC, bearing all sorts of
gourmet things that I love, I opened the door greeted him, he had a
devilish grin and kissed my cheek, waved hey to Ty and came into the room
and joined us.

I was not sure at that point where anything was going to go, I was very much
in the mood for alone time with Ty, however my devilish side took
hold of me, and I could not help myself, I bit the bullet and asked OLC what
was going on. He told me, that his new girlfriend was in town and
that she was on her way over, he wanted me to meet her. I had to hold myself
back from laughing as I can not imagine him having a girlfriend.
From time to time, he tries to stay away from me, with another woman, but it
never works out, because he is totally addicted to my special gifts,
and to Ms. Mandy.

It was not much longer before the doorbell rang, and Isobella was invited
in. A pretty and shy girl, made me a bit curious what she saw in OLC,
however, who am I to say? OLC whispered in my ear, that Isobella had never
really seen a big black cock, and would I do him a favor and not show
it to her. I said of course, laughing all the while. I left the three of
them, OLC, Isobella and Ty, in the garden room and went to look for
some snacks, and upon my return, she was sitting between the two of my men.
Ty had his arm around the back of the sofa, I should say it
stretched the entire length as he is such a big man. I do love these
football stars. Isobella seemed very intrigued by Ty and was ignoring OLC,

and OLC came into the kitchen and started to beg me to to talk to TY.

I said, “gosh, I don’t think Ty will try anything, he is very hot for me
tonight.” I took my tray of Brie and crackers into the garden room and
sat on the soft club chair and sat back and decided to watch the
entertainment. I had my Tattinger, my snacks, and live entertainment, I
hardly ask for more. Isobella unfortunately was succumbing to Tyrone’s manly
charms, and I could only chuckle, OLC was beside himself, I was
pretty sure he was not even having sex with Isobella.

After a while, I could not resist, I said, “Isobella, excuse me for being
crass, but, have you ever seen a live black cock?” She blushed and
replied that she hadn’t. I asked her if she would like to, and OLC let out a
huge sigh, of what I would call resign, to the fact of what was
probably going to happen.

I sauntered over to the sofa, and unzipped Tyrone’s pants, and was laughing
as I did so, at this point, my ALPHA male was sitting stretched out
with arms thrown back over the sofa, and now I had his giant tool staring
Isobella in the face. I said to her, “would you like to touch it?”

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