New sissy jillian for feminization phone sex with Ms. Mandy 1-877-732-6360

Sissy jillian is new to sissy ism..  I am training her now,  Jillian told
me that she loves panties. and you all know I love panties too.   He was wearing
pink panties when he called, and told me that he has many panty fantasies .  He
likes to rub his cock with his panties.  I took control, as you all know I do
love a sissy in panties.I had him get a rubber band out as a cock ring and had him get on his knees
to serve me, we used a brush handle and I gave him a mini sucking lesson, to get
those lips ready for my strap on.  I took off my panties, and put them under his
nose, and made him suck my strap on.  He loved it, he is such a sissy,  I named
him Jillian, as I love to name  my sissies.
I will be doing more sissy training with jillian, and have her get some
toys and train for me.  She sucked the dildo, and then I had her masturbate in
my panties and cum in them and eat up the cum.
A wonderful first time training session with a New Sissy.

xoxox’s Ms. Mandy