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The holidays at “Casa de Stroka.”  Boys, don’t you wish you were here with me.  The fireplace has an extraordinary fire blazing, the tree which happens to be 10 feet, housed by our 20 foot vaulted ceiling, looks amazing.  It has gold balls, much like my stroker’s balls, as I feel they are all 14 karat. Twinkling lights, and with the lights dimmed in the great room, and the votive’s and various other candles flickering in the background, Johnny Mathias playing on the stereo, it is the perfect scene.

My husband as you all know travels a lot on business, I seem to see him more on holidays and special occasions.  I probably have not been mentioning him a lot lately, and I will try to make up for it here.   My husband even asked me to put up a hot story about us, as we do have many. We make them happen!

My husband had flown home last week, for a long well deserved break, he will be here for a few weeks, and we will be doing many things that I have been waiting to do with him, once he had some free time.  My schedule is usually busy, I do like to keep busy.
I do a lot of things around my beautiful home.  I like to cook, decorate, entertain.  During the week when my husband is away, I am more then occupied with friends, lover’s, or an occasional lover perhaps.

This keeps our marriage fresh.  My husband is interested more some times, then others. IF he is working on a merger, or has to write a brief, I can call him up, tell him I am off for the weekend, and barely catch his attention.  Other times, he tries to jump through the phone, to stop me from a rendezvous with a handsome well hung hunk.
I think the secret formula is when I get a certain “way.” If I am overly preoccupied with someone, then he is not so happy.  At times, he will cut a business trip short, if I appear to be liking my new lover “too” much.

I figured this out, and decided that my husband had started to interfere with my social life. After all, he is away for great lengths of time, and if I can find a way to amuse myself, it is unfair of him to jump in and spoil my fun.  Also, I may add here, that my husband is not allowed to partake of the same fun.  If I found out he had strayed, I would immediately claim my rights as to our prenuptial.  I don’t think he will be doing that any time soon.

I devised a plan to keep my newer, or newest love interest a secret from my husband. I felt that if I just circumvented the truth, he would be none the wiser.  So I hired a personal trainer.  His name was Hanson Philips, a tall blonde delight, 6′ 4″ inches of pure man.  A gorgeous physique, and I do love his cock, It is picture perfect.  He has a way of looking at me with his green eyes.  His hair is longer, as in not a shaved head, not long to the shoulders, but a surfer look really.  I think he will fit in great at the beach house.  I have not gone on in detail to my husband about him.

Tyrone of course has been helping me around the house, you know he is a very handsome man in his own right, and very crazy about me.  He usually summers at our place on LBI, and is very helpful at taking me around and getting me things I need for the home.  He flew up here (he is in the sports entertainment business, based in Florida) to help with my holiday decorations.  What a time that was.  He told me he had made arrangements so that he could spend a few weeks with me, which was great, because my husband had a long drawn out business deal, gone crazy, and was stuck in Chicago for much longer then he had planned. I was very happy to have Tyrone here to keep me company.

Now Tyrone, is gorgeous, you can find mention to him in many of my past stories, he is tall, black, built, and has a wild sense of humor. I love that he enjoys when I have sissies in the house, or at the beach house.  I like when I make them serve him.  He humors me.  Laughs, and joins in on the fun.

When Tyrone got a look at Hanson, he was a bit put off, as he know, I must really be up to no good with this guy.  I have to admit Hanson is the perfect boy toy. Tyrone of course is a real man and I do love that.

So that is a bit of the background of which of “my” men have been around for the holidays. It had gotten a bit sticky at one point. Tyrone sleeping in my bedroom, my husband flew in mid-stream he ended up in one of the spare bedrooms, and Hanson, stopping by daily to train me. He also just happens to be a trained masseuse, and I can not tell you how much I love that.

I decided to have some of my resident sissies, come and decorate our house.  “Casa de Stroka”  is what I  refer to our summer house as, but for the sake of argument, we will call our winter residence “Casa de Stroka north.”  The Sissies were more then excited by my generous invitation to come and stay for the holidays.  I felt a house full of artificial estrogen, and panties, would be very festive. Tyrone and I went to the Short Hills Mall, to pick out an assortment of party treats for the sissies.  While Ty and I drove up to the Mall, in the new BMW my hubby bought me, the sissies were busy, stocking up on food for our holiday celebration, and cleaning, and doing the masturbation’s, that I had left each of them in secret envelops.  They had week long assignments, and I had also set up makeovers for each of them with my favorite girls at Macy’s beauty department.  I love Smashbox, and these sissies got the benefit of that, each got a gift certificate for a Smashbox makeover, you have to love it.  The girls at the mall love to laugh as I sent one a day in to be dolled up.

My sissies are very good at obeying me, and of course being submissive. I told them to wait till our holiday party to go and get done up, so…..

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Mandy’s Erotic Holiday Story