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Let me tell you about my day…..As some of you may already know, my battery went dead yesterday, and I was agonizing about going out in the cold, and having to wait to have it fixed. I had a brainstorm this morning, and remembered that I had a very interesting friend that fixed cars, and perhaps a phone call, would speed up my repair. I also needed brakes, and a few maintenance type things done to the car.

I phoned up Ranger, he is really a hunk, 6’4″ and muscular, works out, and does these auto repairs, so he is really a husky hot looking 28 year old guy. He was happy to hear from me, and told me, wow, too bad you did not call sooner, because, all the bays were filled up, and I was looking at waiting for a few hours, once I got the car there.

I sighed and said I would have the car jumped, and bring it over, I guess I would have to wait.
I bundled up, and proceeded to have my neighbor jump start the car, then I drove over to Ranger’s business, and was prepared to spend a few hours waiting for my car to be fixed, My girlfriend offered to meet me, and we could have lunch, instead of me waiting for the car, we could have a nice leisurely chat and catch up. In the back of my mind, I did not think that was necessary, and told her thank you, let’s do it on a warmer day. And a wicked idea crossed my mind.

I was wearing a black danskin type lycra spandex cat suit, black lace up boots, (not the domme type, but still sexy) And my faux fur trimmed shear-ling, over it. I think I looked fairly hot, dressed for a below 0 day like this. I put my hat on, and gloves, and then remembered my idea. I ran up the stairs. Opened up my very full drawer of sexy panties, and took out a pair of sexy little sheer pink bikini stretch type panties, rolled them up in a little ball, and put them in the pocket of my coat.

Once I got to Ranger’s station, I realized I might be all week, there were many waiting for batteries and also other repairs, all 8 bays were taken, and it did not look good for me, I was wondering if I should call up Stella, and ask her to come and get me.

Then Ranger appeared…came over to me, So hot and sexy is he, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek, and told me how sexy ….

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