New Delicious Subby *C* serves Ms. Mandy. Chastity phone sex with Mandy Malone 1-877-732-6360

Ms. Mandy has a new Delicious Subby *C*, who I will refer to as Delicious Subby, as he is so sweet and cute, and is serving Ms. Mandy!   He showed up on webcam for me. He was all decked out with some ankle and wrist cuffs, he was smooth and delicious and waiting to serve me.   I commanded DSC to be on his knees for me and I told him what his servitude would entail.  I also discussed masturbation, and chastity.  DSC has a CB2000, I like that.  Especially for orgasm denial phone sex.

We had a session last week, and my Delicious Subby sent me a toe ring!  I love them, and I will be happy to wear it, as I love them, and it will remind me of my new slave.  I love gifts.  DSC is getting off on the right foot with Ms. Mandy. I own and control him.  I might be tempted to draw up a slave contract.

DSC showed up on webcam, for me to inspect, turns out he has a little dick, as you all know out there in strokerland. Ms. Mandy loves big dick.  I do not have sex with subby, slaves, or little dick losers. I do enjoy tiny cock humiliation, and love having a little dick loser serve me. DSC knows all about what it takes to please Ms. Mandy.

He is very sweet, and submissive, a wonderful combination. I know I will enjoy ownership, and he will serve me well.  We did a session, and then I did not let him cum, this is 2 session’s in a row, I then locked him up, and no cumming until our next session. That is the way it goes, as I am the owner of DSC, and he love’s my control.

DSC wrote to me about our session…Tonight i had my first official session with Mandy and it was great.  Mandy was gracious enough to allow me to become one of her slaves.  It began with me submissively on my knees while Mandy told me some of the rules that i must follow.  First of all i do not have a cock anymore, it now belongs to Mandy.  Second, i am now her property, Mandy owns and controls me.  She will be making decisions for me from now on.  i must also vote daily for Mandy because she deserves to be #1.  Then i was allowed to stroke for Mandy while she told me how her new slave cock was too small to satisfy her and that her boyfriend’s cock was much bigger and satisfied her.  She also told me how she would love to bring me to Victoria’s Secret to try on panties and perform for all the girls in the store.  i was not able to cum before our time was up, so Mandy placed her new slave cock in a little pretty pink cock cage.  i thanked Mandy for a wonderful call and again for allowing me to be her slave.  i will be in chastity until our next session one to two weeks from now.  Hopefully Mandy will allow me to cum or at least milk my self for some relief..  i am happy to be her slave and i am looking forward to the decisions that she will be making for me in the future.

I will be doing another phone sex session  with My Delicious Subby *C* slave very soon..
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy