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As always Mr. Natural is very Hot and Horney, and this time we did some super hot, role play phone sex.  A take off on last time, when I was the sexy older school teacher. I of course have to corrupt him, and he has to obey, or else!

Since I am very kinky, me and some of my gorgeous lady teacher’s to watch and decided to use him!  I had him bring along … spatula, ice, rubber band, clothes pins, two dildo‘s, lipstick, panties….   he wondered why?

I tell him we will continue where we left off the other day. I bring other teacher’s in to watch.   One beautiful blonde is going to help me train him.  I tell him to take your things off,  and strip for the teachers.

Excited he is red in the face, as I take the clothespin’s  and put them on his nipples… I pull and twist, then put them on as he moans for me.  Then I  wrap panties, black ones, around that beautiful uncircumcised cock.  Miss Lane  the teacher wraps her hand around those panties and looks at the head peaking out, she touches it with her finger.. and teases, his uncircumsiced head.

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Girls put him on the desk, push him back spread his legs apart, and put an ice cube up his ass. Now stroke with those panties.. suck the dildo, rock in the one in his butt… stroke with panties… we are all watching you!

Legs over head, and eat it, in your face!