~~Mandy News~~

Had some super hot calls lately… I am going to post a few here tonight!

Slave in SD Sent me a wonderful birthday gift, he loves to serve Ms. Mandy and is due for a session soon, Thank you for the card and present it was so thoughtful, we have a special relationship, he serves me often and I own and control him. We do domination phone sex and he has lots of toys, clothepins, and also clothes to wear for me, I dress him up, use him for my amusement.

Stroker Boy in Canada, is due to have a session with me this evening. He is in chastity, he is not to cum, unless I say so, he WAS a chronic masturbator, and I have taken him into my control and he is better off for it. I own him and he is my Stroker Boy!

Stroker in Pa is quite a stroker boy, We did a hot guided masturbation session and brought in Dr. Val of course!  He loves when I play with his nipples, in fact likes extreme nipple torture. I use ice and make him moan. I like to tie him up, and play with him, we do role play fantasy phone sex also!

Luv Muffin is such a dirty slut, and a little dick loser. Ms. Mandy loves to degrade and humiliate the muffin. I enjoy making him go out and suck cock, send me pictures of his little dick and laugh at him. He is a good slut, and I will use him more later!

New Stroker Boycalled for someguided masturbation, I love to guide and dominate and make stroker boys edge, he is a wonderful stroker and I have put him on a schedule, I have him masturbating and not cuming. I want to be sure to have him in good shape when I get ready to let him cum.

SISSY MICHELLE I did a call with my Slutty Michelle, a cross dressing  slut!  She had on black stockings with roses attached with 4 strap garter/black bustier, black heels, a gray skirt with small white flowers, slit on each side.  She looked like a slut in those pink panties with her tiny clitty is hanging out. She is going crazy over these panties, and feels so slutty. She has such a little clitty.  It’s so small I make her pull skirt back down, and there will be no cumming for you!  One thing about Miss Michelle is she is great at sucking cock, and putting a plug in her pussy. She can be such a whore.  I like to make her jiggle her titties for me. Whore!  She is a Whore!  I have her  pulling her panties down in front of the boys.. so they all  can see her little clitty. I always make her lick up the precum. Such a slut licking it up.  I give her a magic drink that turns her into a girl, she looks like such a slut.  I spank her clitty, and make her cum on her face!

Panty Licker in Ga –  Went shopping, I told him I like Blue panties, and he got a pair, and also a dildo 6 inches, a new cock ring, and some lube, and no cumming for My Panty Licker in Ga.   Putting on cock ring, and no cumming, Some new dildo training, sucking on the head. Lubing up the dildo going to use on his pussy. Seems to like this a lot, stroking with panties, and rocking on the dildo on the bed, he likes it!  On his back, no cumming! Panties feel good, no cumming for you!

Panty Wuss is back, and wearing panties for me and all of my girlfriend’s.  I like to use my strap on and have him dress up. He had on a nightie this last time, and pink panties, I love to have him masturbate for us all. He likes when I give him guided masturbation, and the girl’s can watch him.  He likes it even more, when I use my strap on, on his pussy, and make him cum for all of us to see!Some Humiliation thought I would share a funny tiny cock humiliation  message I received!  This is so comical, I am going to show all my girlfriend’s this one!  They will all relate!
PiggyLLoser: well, i had to get my hair cut, so i went to a bo-rics…and there was this girl in there, and she looked like a model, just stunning…..i was a nervous wreck, talking to her, and as i sat there, i got hard
PiggyLLoser: well, when the haircut was done, i was still hard, and she saw it
PiggyLLoser: well, she was grossed out….and actualy said “ewwww” when looking at me
PiggyLLoser: but she was so attractive, and when i went out to my truck, i had to stroke and cum
PiggyLLoser: then i licked it all up
PiggyLLoser: this really happened, Miss, half an hour ago
Piggy Loser: i thought i should confess it to you, since i cam

Owned by Mistress Mandy as you know he is my Bslave and does as I command, here is an example when I had him edge for me, he needs to do a session with me OR ELSE!
.. …ownedbymistressmandie: thank you Mistress for allowing me to edge 3 times
ownedbymistressmandie: thank you Mistress for allowing me to edge 4 times
ownedbymistressmandie: thank you Mistress for allowing me to edge 5 times
ownedbymistressmandie: so much pre cum Mistress
ownedbymistressmandie: thank you Mistress for allowing me to edge 6 times
ownedbymistressmandie: thank you Mistress for allowing me to edge 7 times
ownedbymistressmandie: im your cumwhore mistress