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Woodsman is seeing his girlfriend, he drops her off at her boyfriend’s house on Friday, and he picks her up on Sunday and she sees him maybe on Wed. also.  Woodsman does not get any action at all, he says it was part of the agreement.  I asked Woodsman what his girlfriend has to say about it all.. he said,  the boyfriend calls her more, and comes over on the other days as well. When he comes over, Woodsman has to go to the basement. Just like the old days, he used to have to go upstairs, when the x wife would have boyfriend, in the master bedroom, with the big tv, and her big cocked boyfriend.

This new boyfriend of Woodsman’s new girlfriend is a guy that is a 21 year old horn dog. Then her boyfriend leaves in morning, then Woodsman is able to spend some time with his girlfriend before he goes off to work. No sex for Woodsman, and did I mention that he baby sits for her, so she can go to work. The kid is with her x during day, and then at night, he baby sits so she can have sex with the horn dog.
No Sex for Woodsman, and he says, he had not gotten it anyway. Now he is a fluffer, he is fluffing this young guy. Woodsman liked it, I can tell. He said it was bizarre, and now he is a cock sucker. Although he sucked off Marcus also.
His girlfriend is reading my blog’s, and said if you did it for Marcus you can do it for Cody. He usually does not get to make them cum in his mouth, but sometimes he is a cum eater, as well as a cock sucker.  Girlfriend grabs his head, and forces her young Cody’s cock into his mouth.
How is his little dick doing? He was wanting to have sex with her all the time, but of course, the girlfriend won’t have to have sex with Woodsman because he can’t satisfy a woman that way. She is totally in control of him, he said she is like a Mistress. She is getting fucked, and Woodsman is not, Par for the course. Woodsman fluffs Cody the young horn dog and he likes it, and then the girlfriend makes Woodsman leave the room.  No watching even for the Woodsman.  Woodsman says he has seen them get started, also says boyfriend is Hung, 8 1/2 inches or so. Marcus was ten. (Marcus was the ex wife’s boyfriend)
Ex Wife has bitched Woodsman out a few times. She wants him back baby sitting for them. She says, the young girlfriend (36 years od)  will dump him anyhow. Woodsman said, oh like you did to me?
So Woodsman is in chastity, girlfriend is having lots of sex. He wanted to know about my situation with my boyfriend’s. Should I let him cum…no way.. poor Woodsman.  Gave him a special countdown, and it did NOT work.. He says it does not work “no” more.. he is locked up, has no sex, and now can’t cum.  Too bad Woodsman, no cumming for you!