Ms. Mandy owns a slave now. UK slave is under my complete control. Domination phone sex with Ms. Mandy at 1-877-732-6360

I am now the owner of my delicious UK Slave.  He is now in my possession, I also possess some personal information about him, and he is obliged to do as I say. I must say it is great fun for me to be amused by him. He is totally addicted to Ms. Mandy.  We have done some session’s recently, since his submission to me.  He is very delightful, I may not have mentioned this recently, but I do adore a British accent. He also has prepared some homemade sex toy’s. He made a butt plug, out of clay with a condom over it. He also made a dildo out of bubble wrap. A while back he made like a pussy pleaser out of a towel, and a surgical glove, that was very interesting. I do love a Slave with imagination.  We utilized these new toys, and some Ice. I had him insert much ice into his ass, to amuse me. His cock seemed bigger then normal on webcam.  I did not let him stroke, in fact I had him tie up his cock for a while, making it impossible to play with it, till I released it. I had him print out my photo to worship when I would allow him to stroke.  Taunting him, that I might take these pictures of him…..

I have also entered into an agreement with Slave Boy. I have it in writing for those of you wishing to see.. in the mean while I had my Slave write a summary of our last session in his own words for Me. He also will be taking photos and writing some instruction’s for those of you in need of some sex toys, and I will do a blog post specifically about homemade sex toys.

This is what slave boy wrote, also I have created a category here called Owned by MistressMandy, for future posts by my UK Slave boy..

“I called Mistress Mandy recently and enjoyed being totally and utterly under her control. Mistress Mandy had me send her some personal information about myself, which i was happy to do as i wanted Mistress Mandy to have complete ownership over me.Domination phone sex and guided masturbation, Ms. Mandy takes complete control over her slave in uk, for distance training phone sessions and cock control.

Mistress Mandy and i discussed a project that has been apart of our calls recently, which involves me obtaining a dungeon for Mistress Mandy’s visit to London. The dungeon would be used for me to serve Mistress Mandy whilst on vacation and giving the opportunity for Mistress’s other uk based slaves to worship Mistress in the flesh.

Anyway more of that later back to the call, Mistress Mandy made me obtain the following items before i called string, ice, lube, stocking, and some toys i have made which were butt plug, dildo, zipper.

Mistress Mandy demanded that i turned my webcam on when i called so Mistress could see that i was carrying out her commands to the full. First was the cock and balls being tied with the string and the a few ice cubes up the arse for good measure. Mistress Mandy knows i will comply as i am her obedient slave. Next Mistress ordered me to insert the butt plug that is when Mistress noticed a big drop of pre cum on her cock. Which Mistress instructed me to catch on the end of the dildo and then lick and suck it off.  I complied without question and Mistress commented on my cock sucking skills saying i needed more practice. Mistress Mandy made me beg for release and Mistress would only allow me to orgasm if i cleaned up my mess afterwards. Mistress Mandy granted me release onto the black stocking for which i was grateful and i showed my thanks by licking all the cum off the stocking for my Mistress.

Mistress Mandy has set me some daily assignments. To vote for everyday and I’m to print a picture of her so i can worship her perfect body and lick the cum off it. i will comply as Mistress Mandy owns me as she holds all my personal information. ”

I am enjoying my new slave toy. I will be posting frequently about him, please feel free to check back and get turned on my my hot domination phone sex muse’s…