More Mandy News…..

New Loser on the block… a Jerk off boy who likes to look at Leg Show Magazine, has little cock,  he told me that it is under 6 inches, I had a great time having him jerk off for me.  He was on his knees, my foot was on his shoulder as I filed my nails.  I have on fishnet thigh highs.. black open toed stilettos….  I think you can imagine the rest…

Toyboy was also very hot this week, called me with a Taboo roleplay, I really can’t mention it here, although we did use a strap on.  Toyboy is getting more and more creative as time goes on, he is also a very good friend to me..

Orgasm Denial.. new stroker boy this week into some serious chastity, had not cum in 2 weeks, had him stroke for me.  Teased him to the edge many times,,, he said he would blow a giant load and sleep in it. He came really hard!  Can’t wait to talk to him again, he is a hottie!

Ms Mandy had a very hot session with Slave in SD, he is such a hottie, had on the sexiest panties, he wore them for me, I spanked his ass, put nipple clips on him, and he had on a ton of clothespins, and you all know how I love that. Used a shoe to smack Ms. Mandy’s cock, he is a naughty slut with a Huge cock!

Ms. Mandy xoxo’s.