New Stroker Boy for Ms. Mandy “FETISH SLUT” Crossdressing and little clitty! Call Ms. Mandy for your tiny cock humiliation phone sex at 1-877-732-6360

Ms. Mandy has a new stroker boy, who is called Fetish Slut, I expect we may be hearing a lot about him, he seems to have a very active sissy lifestyle, and I am going to like sharing it with all your sissy faggots out there….   He likes to cross dress and also has a tiny cock. He loves to be humiliated, does that sound familiar? He likes to go to stores, a fetish store near him in particular, to buy things and model outfits for dommes who reside there.  We had a session in the not too distant past and at that time he had purchased two different sets of nighties, and had modeled them that day for the Mistresses. He said it was very embarrassing.  The ladies made him walk around the store. He told me that there is always some of the 300+ dominatrix’s, (who frequent this place) at any give time, and they all enjoy having sissy’s model for them.  Fetish Slut also modeled a school girl out fit, I believe some other phone Mistress had requested he go to this place near where he lives.

We had an interesting session although FS (Fetish Slut will be referred to FS from here on in) ………Did not want to tell me what he was wearing.  All you sissy’s and Mistress’s reading this will be shocked. He had on pink panties, pink lipstick, a pink bra, 2″ inch heels, black, stockings which were thigh highs, and a black garter belt. He said that black makes him feel much more submissive.

As for toys, as you all know I am a great one for my sissy’s to have toys, he had a 6″ dildo, and the best toy of all… FS told me that he has an 1 1/2′ clitty. Not very big, but what are you going to do?  I guess you could say he is a loser, I have not discovered if he is a premature ejaculator yet!

So FS is a ittle fetish model in pink panties with 1″ clitty that he said would be huge for a doll.

I am going to take control of my New Fetish Slut!  As far as I am concerned You are not allowed to cum. FS told me he wants to work doing phone sex calls, FS is going to be a phone sex girl and do gay phone sex.  That is pretty funny!  FS corrected me, and said it would be forced bi, and not gay… I think all you readers out there know my feelings about this.

FS is going to be totally Addicted to Mandy, and devoted to Mandy… I am going to have “MFS” tatooed on his ass!   Mandy’s fetish slut!

I take control of my sissys sluts and stroker boys don’t I, FS you are in for a ride of submission, I am thinking 24/7 panties, and maybe even a chastity device.  I will take your one incher, and make that little thing twitch!

Let’s get your inventory of clothes together, toys, and your new stroker agenda ready for Ms. Mandy to take total control of you, You will obey me, and stroke only for Mandy!
xoxo’s Ms. Mandy