Stroker Boy in Pa is Addicted to Mandy ! Bondage roleplay phone sex with some tease and denial!

Stroker Boy in Pa is really kinky and hot and I love that. He has gotten me very excited, talking about tieing him up. We did an extended roleplay where, I tied him up and really teased him to the brink.

First I tied him to the bedpost. He went along willingly, since the last time he had such a good orgasm from the experience. I tied up his hands, and then his feet. He was spread eagle on my bed. I teased him.  I took all my clothes off, and rubbed body butter all over my silky white skin, and made him lie there, as I seductively rubbed the cream on my tits, and legs, and all over.  Pa Boy was moaning, his dick was upright, and so rock hard, and I did not even touch it.

Next I laid on top of him, and just rubbed my semi slippery skin against him, all the while, feeling that rock hard dick press against me. He was in heaven. Just when he thought it could not get any better, the door opened and in walked 2 of my gorgeous brunette, big titted girl friends. I had one on each side of him, one rubbing his right thigh and one his left, but no cock touching.

I sat on his face as they teased him, till I told my girlfriend to suck his cock… it was a very hot scenario?  Do you think you can hold out while Ms. Mandy teases you? Are you addicted to Mandy?