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They had worked at landscaping for several hours. He digging up and moving stones, scraping off lawn, and bringing in cartfuls of loam. She working the soil, mixing in the loam, preparing the planting beds. It was April in Maine. The snow had finally melted and the sun was out. The temperature had reached 50. Perfect weather for garden work. Tomorrow they would be sore, having reawakened muscles not used since the fall. Now they were sweaty and satisfied with the progress made this morning. She knew that work sessions together made him hornier than usual, if that was possible. Perhaps it was the cute t-shirt and denim cutoffs she wore. Sweat stains between the breasts. All that bending over. The work didn’t have that effect on her at all. Now all she wanted was a shower and to make lunch. But she was grateful for his efforts — it was her garden they worked on. So she said, “let’s shower together.” The words he was hoping for. He never wanted to count on this, but really, he counted on it. In the bathroom, she started the shower. They stripped off their muddy clothes and stepped into the tub. They had a ritual for this. First he took the soap and washed her. She had taught him just how she wanted to be cleaned. This was only about getting clean, but she did enjoy his touch. He soaped up his hands and ran them over every part, paying special attention to her ass and the parts between her legs. He lifted each breast to be sure to wash away the sweat that gathered under them. She did her own shampooing and while she did he began washing himself. He washed every part except one, which was hers to do. She kissed him open mouthed with the water splashing on them. As she did she reached down. He was already hard. She took the soap and worked up a good lather. Now she used both hands to wash him very well. One hand massaged his balls and perineum, the other stroked his cock. If the suds subsided she would lather her hands again and continue. He was breathing hard now, moaning and umming. After a few minutes she pulled her body close to his and leaned her face in to suck his nipples. She sucked each one but then concentrated on the more sensitive one. His arms were around her back and he was thrusting into her hands. The pace of her stroking increased and the pressure on his balls intensified. She slowed her strokes to let the desire build in him. He could swear he felt his balls filling up. Then she sped up again. She squeezed his balls and they felt ready to burst. He came hard with a series of grunts, his torrents of cum splashing on her stomach. He was breathless. She let the shower wash the cum off her stomach, then hugged him close and they kissed. She giggled and told him, “Now you are very clean.”

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