CuckyMike new wannabee Cucky on the horizon!

Cucky Mike, new little dick guy, that I am very fond of. He is so sweet, married to his childhood sweetheart, so she has no idea, what big cocks are like, except I think he has made it clear to her, that other men are bigger. He feels that she does not like his little dick much, and has gone to the point of asking him, if he could get it made bigger, now that is what I call humiliation. Don’t you think?  He said he was reading my blog, and it made his little dick shrink up, so that gave him incentive to call me. LOL, glad I could help.  CuckyMike, also would like to see a real man pound his wife, he has mentioned it to her, and she is not very interested. I did not want to tell him this, but maybe she gets some on the side (shhhh, don’t tell him)  ~giggles~  He wants her to really want to have sex badly with some real man, and brush him off, deny him sex, the week before she sees her lover. CuckyMikey is a little dick loser, don’t you think?

More to cum..

LOSER IN ROMANIA ! This is a funny humiliation….

I am  Mandy and as you know I love to guide your masturbation, I also enjoy
humiliating little dick losers, and I enjoy a real man to satisfy me, and then I
like to have losers to make me laugh. Here is an updated
session with my Loser in Romania, I have a post below, that is unfinished, I
can't hear the podcast, but evidently others can, I am reposting this session
with an updated podcast.... so enjoy!